Tis the season to make room for the new

Eliminating clutter is one of the best tools and easiest feng shui cures you can implement.

by Joy Abrams — 

The new year is the perfect time to toss out old, unneeded objects accumulated throughout the years. Only after you clear your space can you grow and change. In fact, feng shui stresses that less is better, and that by getting rid of the old, you make room for new and improved things to emerge in your life. Eliminating clutter is one of the best tools and easiest feng shui cures you can implement. It is one of the most powerful and transformative aspects of feng shui.

Another aspect of feng shui is balance. We’d all like to strive for a balanced life. In order to achieve this, we must first understand, in feng shui terms, what constitutes balance.

A bagua, also known as the feng shui floor plan, gives you a guide. It depicts nine energy centers. As you evaluate each of these areas, you can decide whether they need decluttering. With the help of a feng shui master, as you embark on your decluttering journey you will be on the right track for the new year.

Here is a checklist to get you started.

• Self/career (front center). If your desk is a dumping ground with no organization, you will lack the drive and motivation to do well in your profession. Choose to keep your desktop clear after you finish the project at hand. Make a point of clearing out and organizing the interior of your desk once a month. Clear out all old, unnecessary files from your computer. Place a peace lily near your computer to diffuse negative energy.

• Wisdom/self improvement (front left). Self-talk is a great and empowering way to declutter your mind from negative thoughts. Write down positive affirmations such as, “I am empowered and moving in the right direction to achieve my goals.” Place them in this area and look at them often. Write down the goals you have accomplished and read them often. Keep a personal empowerment journal. Purchase a green and yellow journal: green signifies growth and change, while yellow signifies optimism.

• Family/community (middle left). Are there people in your life who drain your personal energy? ‘Tis the season to evaluate relationships. Some options include limiting, or eliminating altogether, time spent with these emotional drainers. If the energy zappers in your life are family members, you might consider meeting them at a restaurant, rather than at home. Decluttering your relationships will allow you to create and seek out wonderful new relationships that uplift your spirit and support you.

• Empowerment/prosperity (rear left). Are you saving for something you want to buy or do? There are simple steps you can take to reward yourself and get started. Spend 10 minutes every morning and evening writing down 30 tasks you need to do. A task can be as simple as making a telephone call. Place a dollar in a large jar every time you complete a morning or evening task. At the end of the month, you will have accomplished your tasks, and saved money toward your goal.

• Future/fame (rear middle). Clutter in this area will prevent you from moving forward because you will be stuck in the past. A memory box is good for this. Use a small box with a tight lid in which you place items of memories and/or accomplishments. When the box gets full, eliminate some things to make room for new accomplishments. Eliminate old memories.

• Relationships (rear right). It is important to give particular importance to your bedroom. If cluttered, you will have difficulty resting properly and will not greet the new day with hope and optimism. The new year is the perfect time to give wings to your new hopes. Clear your closets of the things you have not worn in two years. Leave space in your closet and drawers if you are hoping for a new relationship. Launder or dry clean any soiled items. Mend clothing that needs repairing. Make sure all electrical equipment is working properly. Spritz your room with rose essence for warm, loving feelings; lavender for calming; and jasmine for harmony and desire.

• Children/creativity (middle right). Many parents work long hours, which places additional stress on all relationships, especially the care and nurture of children. It is difficult to do a good job if you are always multi-tasking and trying to do everything yourself. Find and engage support through caregivers or loving family members. If your children are young, hire people to help with your chores if possible. If your children are older, teach them their part in caring for the home. Begin with their rooms, and create a chore schedule. Make sure one day is free of all chores so that the family can participate in a fun, loving time.

• Compassion/helpful people (front right). We all have wonderful friends who have been there through the good times and, perhaps, some difficult times. Wouldn’t it be great to take those friends on an overnight trip to a destination you can drive to together? However, before doing that you must clean out and organize your car. Organize your glove compartment — toss out-of-date maps and keep only your car registration, insurance card and auto club card. Discard all junk. Keep notes on the dash with easy trip reminders. Keep change for parking meters in the console. Keep water and all safety tools in a bin in the trunk. Store your folding umbrella in a side pocket and hang a small trash bag in a handy location. Wash and clean your car inside and out.

• Health (center). Clutter issues can manifest physically, mentally and spiritually in your body and bog you down. The area you must focus on to help uplift your spirit is your kitchen, as it is the heart of your home. Start by disposing of stale goods. Clean out your refrigerator regularly. Check the area under your sink for leaks. Fix any broken appliances. Clean off your counters regularly, and do not let clutter gather there.

May this be a sparkling new year, with all its hopes and wishes. Begin your clearing process so you are inspired and ready to welcome new growth and blessed opportunities into your life.


Joy Abrams is an international author feng shui and yoga master and an empowerment specialist. She gives seminars to designers for A.S.I.D. credits and offers feng shui consultations to corporations and private individuals. or 602-791-5223.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 26, Number 6, December 2007/January 2008.

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