Wag your tail to health

“The best and most knowledgeable healer lives inside of you,” Lee said.

by Steve Kricun — 

Dr. Ichi Lee believes he has unlocked the key to improving your health in the simplest way. And it all starts by wagging your tail. Lee, a Korean physician, subscribes to the philosophy that we should heal ourselves.

“The best and most knowledgeable healer lives inside of you,” Lee said.

More percisely, the healing begins about four inches south of your belly button, at your tail bone. Lee says that correct posture and the position of the tail bone is the difference between feeling good and feeling great.

According to Lee, making the simple posture adjustment of tucking in your tailbone positively affects hormone production, blood circulation, body temperature and brain waves.

“Shaking your tailbone is connected to happiness and peace,” Lee said.

Lee is concerned that more Americans do not practice these simple posture principles. According to the Centers for Disease Control, many Americans are susceptible to becoming overweight, developing diabetes, arthritis, digestive problems and requiring knee surgery.

In addition to good tailbone posture, another way to keep your body in balance is to keep your head cool and your belly warm. Lee says a cool head is focused and calm — not angry. And a warm belly aids in digestion and reducing anxiety. However, a warm head and a cool belly lead to imbalance. People who live this way are more prone to have conflict in thier daily lives.

How can you maintain your correct balance? The answer is by measuring the temperature of your lower abdomen and your brain. Lee says there is a program in your brain that you can use to control your energy — however, most people simply don’t know how.

Through posture and breathing, you can control your emotional energy. By tucking in your tailbone and eliminating the curve from your lower back, you can strengthen the abdomen.

Lee says that holding this position can bring the fire down from your head and put a smile on your face.


Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 25, Number 3, June/July 2006.

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