What is the best immune supplement to take in 2016?

What is the best immune supplement to take in 2016?

In 50 years of study, no known  side effects have been reported  from taking beta glucan.

In 50 years of study, no known
side effects have been reported
from taking beta glucan.

by Debbie Williams — 

If you can only take one supplement, in my opinion, beta glucan is the big winner.

Our bodies are in dire need of help because we eat poor quality food and follow an unhealthy diet. We have stress, impure water and pollutants. Evidence of this can be seen in the rise in obesity, type 2 diabetes and people taking statins for high cholesterol. Record numbers of lupus, skin rashes, cancer, allergies, arthritis and fibromyalgia are being diagnosed. Unfortunately, we are a nation of pill-popping people.

Eating healthy and taking supplements can be expensive, but what is the price tag if you get a disease? It is much better and less expensive to prevent diseases than treat them. Many people think nothing of ordering a $100 bottle of wine at dinner, but hesitate to spend money on preventative health supplements.

Naturopathic doctors can educate you on how to avoid disease. Many may spend one to two hours with you initially learning about your diet, lifestyle and stress levels to help you achieve healing though nature and science. It is so unfortunate that most health insurance plans do not include coverage for naturopathic doctors.

Many naturopaths have heard about beta glucan but are unaware of the incredible power this natural product packs for turbocharging the immune system. Adding beta glucan to your daily regime will improve your body’s ability to fight disease.

More than likely, you have never heard of beta glucan, but there are more than 12,000 university studies on it from top universities, such as Baylor, Tulane and Harvard. You can find the studies on, including cancer studies. The University of Louisville did research comparing beta glucans, and it was found that our beta glucan was eight times more powerful than the number-two beta glucan. If you would like to see the study, email me.


What is beta glucan?

Beta glucan is a polysaccharide, a type of glucose molecule. Your body does not produce beta glucan, so if you want to optimize your body’s immunity, you must take it as a supplement. It is found in Japanese mushrooms, seaweed and grains, but the most powerful support for your immune system is the beta glucan found in baker’s yeast.

Taking our beta glucan will not cause yeast infections, as it is highly purified and does not have impurities that would cause a yeast infection.

Beta glucan is not a magic bullet — it does not cure anything. Your immune system does that; beta glucan builds the immune system. In 50 years of study, no known side effects have been reported from taking beta glucan.

Commonly observed benefits from taking beta glucan may include a decrease in severity and frequency of the common cold, flu and allergy symptoms. It helps with acne symptoms, makes nails and hair stronger, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, and more.


How can it help your immune system? 

When the beta glucan is taken on an empty stomach, an uptake occurs at the Peyer’s patches in the small intestine. The beta glucan binds to areceptors of white blood cells that normally do not attack foreign bodies, such as cancer. The activated cells will then kill foreign invaders. By taking beta glucan daily, trillions of the body’s white blood cells are activated. Since white blood cells only live for three days, it is recommended that you not miss a day because for every day you miss, one-third of your activated cells will have perished.

How much does beta glucan cost?

Ten years ago, one capsule cost $200. You can now get 60 capsules of 500mg Beta-1,3-d glucan for $69.95. If you find it at a lower cost, be careful. I used to buy many supplements online for less, but I have found through my research that many of them do not contain the ingredients you think you are buying.


Who will benefit from beta glucan?

People, animals and plants can all benefit from taking beta glucan. This includes those who are receiving chemotherapy or radiation treatment; people with immune diseases, such as psoriasis or asthma; those with poor immune systems; and people who have infectious diseases, radiation poisoning or are slow healers, etc.

Buyer beware. I was at a seminar several years ago when a university expert on beta glucan declared that most beta glucan found on health food store shelves is worthless. Our manufacturer actually rejects 90 percent of the beta glucan that comes into the lab, but other resellers purchase his rejects. Our product is certified.

Do yourself, your family and friends a favor, go to the website: Be sure to watch the videos and read the FAQs from a top pathologist at the University of Louisville.

Help your immune system in 2016. Please email me at or call/text 623-444-0557 for information or to order the best beta glucan on the market. I welcome calls from doctors.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If pregnant or lactating or if you have had an organ transplant, please consult physician before using.


Debbie Williams is an immune health coach and is studying to be a certified nutrition coach. 623-444-0557, or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 35, Number 1, February/March 2016.


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