Why do holidays when you can celebrate them?

February 27, 2012

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If you are handy around the house, offer to fix what needs fixing — and keep that promise.

by Laura Orsini — 

There is no question that this promises to be a challenging holiday season for some, given the current state of un- and underemployment in Arizona and around the country. Although we all know intrinsically that the holiday season is not really about material things, it can be daunting to stay positive when facing a tiny gift-giving budget.

But what if we made a collective, concerted and organized effort this season to celebrate, rather than do, the holidays? What if we put the emphasis on the spirit of the gift, rather than on the price tag? What if we were to go all out and really strive to find one perfect gift, instead of a slew of meaningless ones? How would our experience be transformed with such a shift of emphasis?

To that end, consider the following ideas for low- to no-cost gifts that, if given with a spirit of love, joyfulness and true celebration, could elevate our gift-giving experience beyond the merely ordinary into the extraordinary.

Let this list simply be a starting point to help trigger your own exquisite ideas. Rather than trying to determine what he or she would really want, focus instead on who he or she really is. What moves him, stirs her creative passions, excites his very being? You might want to visit www.mydearvalentine.com/zodiac-gift-ideas.html for ideas related to astrological signs.

Here’s betting that rather than being a dismal holiday season, this can truly be one of the best ever!

  • Agree to set a $5 price limit on gifts — this requires you to be really creative.
  • Give homemade food gifts — chili, soups, bread, muffins.
  • Write a poem or a song, mentioning the attributes of your friend or loved one.
  • Sketch, draw or paint a picture — without worrying that you are not Michelangelo.
  • Make a collage with favorite photos and words cut out from magazines.
  • Create a list of affirmations — good things you envision for your friend or loved one.
  • Give your time — schedule a coffee date or a movie.
  • If you are handy around the house, offer to fix what needs fixing — and keep that promise.
  • If you are handy online, help someone start a blog, get on Twitter or Facebook, or just better navigate the Internet.
  • Buy some seed packets and make a plan to plant a flower, vegetable or herb garden together.
  • Promise to cook and/or do the dishes for a week.
  • Give a backrub or a foot massage.
  • Yes, it’s old-school, but make a CD with favorite songs … or highjack the MP3 player and add a new file with old favorites.
  • Create a scrapbook or album with treasured photos and mementos.
  • Promise regular prayers and/or good thoughts for well-being and prosperity.
  • Make a pact to turn off the TV and read, play cards, do a puzzle or just talk every night for a week.
  • Plan to take a walk, hike or go biking every morning or evening for a week.
  • If your friend or loved one has a hard time getting out, give a day of your time to drive them around to do the errands they can’t normally get to.


Laura Orsini is a writing, marketing and design consultant who works with speakers, authors and coaches. 602-518-5376, laura@writemarketdesign.com or www.writemarketdesign.com.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 28, Number 6, Dec 2009/Jan 2010.

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