Yin or yang?

Yin energy is about receiving and looks like the ripples on a pond. The pond receives the pebble, then sends out expanding ripples.

by John English — 

Have you ever set out to accomplish something, but no matter how hard you tried to manifest an outcome, it did not come to fruition? Have you ever waited patiently for something to come into your life only to have it fail to arrive? Most of us have experienced both of these scenarios.

When either of these occur, it can be beneficial to get in a quiet space and see if you are applying the right type of energy to the situation. Perhaps you are embarking on a path of action (a masculine energy) when you should be waiting to receive (a feminine energy), or vice versa. If we apply the right type of energy at the right time, our lives are much easier — we are in the flow.

Feminine energy, often referred to as the yin, is the all-encompassing energy of the divine feminine. Yin energy is about receiving and looks like the ripples on a pond. The pond receives the pebble, then sends out expanding ripples.

Masculine energy is often referred to as the yang. It is energy with purpose and intention. It looks like a lightning bolt from the sky being received by the feminine earth. An intention is formed and action is taken, as it breaks through resistance, just as lightning breaks through the sky to reach its target.

If we are applying nothing but action toward a goal, but we are not breaking through to achieve our intention, perhaps it is time to apply yin energy. If we are waiting to receive and nothing is happening, then maybe we need to use yang energy and spring into action. When we applying only one of these energies, we can find ourselves out of balance.

If we are out of balance, it is difficult for us to be of service to ourselves and others. To get into the divine flow of a benevolent universe that conspires on our behalf, we need to move back and forth between the masculine and the feminine.

How do we determine which energy to apply and when? If we are applying action but we are not breaking through, we must switch to yin energy and wait to receive. We must stay present and wait to receive a sign from the universe about which way to move next, then move back into action. This way we allow the creative power of the divine feminine to receive the action and bring it into reality.

All things come into reality through the womb of the divine feminine after they have received the action of the masculine. This is how all life comes into this world — and we can master the creation of our own lives by following this divine process.

In our lives, we can balance the yin and the yang, moving back and forth from action to receiving. If you seem to be going nowhere, ask yourself, “Have I been so busy with action that I haven’t watched for the signposts giving me direction? Have I been waiting on the universe when I should be springing into action?” Make the necessary adjustments and your life will move into the flow.


John English is a shamanic healer and award-winning author of The Shift: An Awakening. or 480-473-8957.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 25, Number 2, April/May 2006.

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