Homeopathy, bulimia and crystal meth

Medications do not work very well for bulimia, but homeopathy does.

by Dr. Ed Gogek — 

Carol was in treatment for methamphetamine (crystal meth) addiction, but had a far more serious problem — bulimia nervosa. She said, “If I stop using crystal meth, I go right back to bulimia. No matter how little I eat, I feel big and fat. So I throw up. But then I am hungry and have to eat again. Without meth, I binge and purge 25 times a day. It is living hell. I am exhausted all the time, my teeth are destroyed and I am constantly starving.”

Medications do not work very well for bulimia, but homeopathy does. Here is the abbreviated version of an hour-long interview that followed.

I asked Carol, “What is the bulimia like?”

“The fear of getting bigger controls me so much that I am like a chained-up dog. You can chain up a dog and do with it what you want. A dog cannot get angry no matter how he feels. If you snap at your owner, he will beat you. He could kill you.”

When I asked Carol what that fear was like, she said, “It is how I grew up. I was terrified of my dad. He was crazy violent. I never knew when he would whip me. He would get angry over anything, and it was always our fault, even if we did nothing. He treated us like dogs, and we could not get angry back.”

“Tell me more about him.”

Carol stated, “A tyrant on a power trip. He liked terrorizing us. He enjoyed it. Some little guys want people to bow down to them. I hate that. I do not ever want to be like that. I fight being like that.”

“What is it you do not want to be?” (If your patient can answer that question, you have found the remedy.)

“People who tell people what to do. Do this. Do that. I hate those people,” said Carol.

“What are they like?”

“They are evil. They have no morals, no belief in God. It is like they have no fear of consequences. They answer to no one. They rule everything, like the devil. They are like the devil himself. They torture, maim, inflict pain. That is what they do.”

I asked Carol to further describe how people can be like the devil.

“The devil always has the upper hand, total power. He can do whatever he wants. He can kill your whole family, and you cannot do anything. His power is all-encompassing; it is everywhere. You cannot get away. There is nowhere to run. You have to do what he says. His power is complete and total. He answers to no one. Everyone must answer to him.”

That is how Carol felt on the inside. The sixth row of the periodic table contains the elements that aid with power and authority. Bosses, generals, politicians and people who have control over others often need these remedies. Minerals on the left side of the periodic table are used for those who feel they are preparing to have power. Tantalum is given to those who feel power is just out of reach. Tungsten is a remedy for those who keep testing themselves to prove they can handle power.

On the right side of the periodic table are the elements used for those who already have power but fear losing it. Gold is for those who must work daily to maintain power, and bismuth is for the loss of power and feeling cheated.

In the center of the sixth row of the periodic table is platinum, a remedy for those neither preparing for power, nor afraid of losing it. Platinum is used for those who have the ultimate power. That is not how Carol felt; it is what she fought against feeling. In homeopathy, there is no difference.

Homeopathy will not help crystal meth addiction. For that she needed treatment and Crystal Meth Anonymous. But one day after taking Platinum 200C, her bulimia simply stopped.


Ed Gogek, M.D., M.D.(H) is a board-certified psychiatrist who uses both alternative and conventional treatments in Prescott, Ariz. He graduated from the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy and has studied with several of the Mumbai homeopaths. 928-443-0032.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 30, Number 4, Aug/Sept 2011.

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