Rhythmic connected breathing technique for meditation

Rhythmic connected breathing is a five-minute technique that can be activated in the privacy of your home, office, or any place you feel you can relax without being disturbed.

by Christina Drozda — 

Rhythmic connected breathing is a five-minute technique that can be activated in the privacy of your home, office, or any place you feel you can relax without being disturbed. You may either sit or lie down, making sure you are comfortable and ready to receive.

You may want to light candles, play music or perhaps burn incense to create an atmosphere of peace. Keep in mind that meditation takes place in the present; stress comes from thinking of the past or worrying about the future.

Focus your attention on the now, close your eyes and gently inhale through your nostrils. Notice how deeply you allow the breath into your body. If your breath is short or stuck in your throat, this is simply an indication that you are feeling stressed or constricted. Instead of forcing yourself to take a deeper breath, exhale through your mouth and imagine pushing that stress out as you exhale.

Continue to practice this breath; soon your diaphragm will open and the breath will naturally move deep into your lungs and you will feel a sense of automatic breathing.

After you become familiar with this breathing pattern — rhythmic connected breathing — begin to imagine your breath being filled with “golden life-force energy.” Life force then mixes with the air you breathe to create the chemistry within your body that allows you to slow down and relax.

Begin to say this affirmation: “I am now choosing (this helps you feel empowered over your situation) to allow (this opens the door to receiving) myself to receive my meditation experience, and in that I am also choosing not to be disturbed by noises or sounds around me unless it is an emergency. (This helps you develop selective hearing.)

See or imagine yourself standing in a place where you feel empowered — feet on the ground, connected to the earth. Imagine being surrounded by a beautiful bubble of golden light, beginning at your feet and wrapping around your body, all the way to the top of your head. Leave an opening in your “crown,” for ideas and inspiration to flow in and out of your consciousness.

From inside your “golden bubble,” say: “I now claim this as my own personal space where I am protected and detached from stress and negativity, yet free to reach out to those around me in a kind and loving way. From my space, I can see, feel and be at peace, knowing all will work out in its most perfect time and way.”

Connect your thumb to your first finger on each hand until you feel this wonderful energy pulsing through your fingertips and say: “As I create this circle with my fingers, I am creating my own circle of life force flowing through my body — healing, regenerating and rejuvenating. I am now connected, balanced, energized and prepared for the day ahead.”

Remain in this state of consciousness for several minutes, continuing to receive. When you are ready, re-connect with your breathing and your heartbeat, opening your eyes and feeling great.


Christina Drozda, C.C.H.T., is a professional meditation practitioner, intuitive therapist and certified clinical hypnotherapist. Her album, Journey into the Land of Meditation was on the 2000 Grammy nomination list. She has been on staff at a famous healing center for the past 15 years and has her own private practice. ladylight23@qwest.net or 480-612-5755.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 26, Number 6, December 2007/January 2008.

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