Aligning with greatness: the energy of success

Comparison creates the energy of frustration, discontentment and letdown.

by Dawn Fleming — 

Everything has energy; even words and thoughts do, which create our responses to the world. Taking this principle further, the need to compare ourselves or measure up to others can create profoundly negative energy that affects our ability to succeed. Aligning with our greatness requires that we release this need to compare.

Many of us seem to get stuck on how we measure up against our competition, such as why a client might prefer someone else’s service over ours; how much money others make versus what we earn; how big their homes are or what make of cars they drive versus ours. This can make us feel like we are never going to reach our goals, leaving us disappointed as we strive to be like everyone but ourselves.

Comparison creates the energy of frustration, discontentment and letdown. This drains from us the life force necessary to create success. We compare ourselves to others, even though our needs and desires are different from those we compare ourselves to. Spending useless time comparing apples to oranges takes us further away from reaching our real goals.

This treadmill of measuring up to others’ definition of success is never ending. It creates an energy of lack and judgment. You can untangle yourself from this sticky web that keeps you trapped in someone else’s perceived definitions, however, by simply stepping out of the energy of comparing. Right now release that negative mindset that continues to create limitations. Your success is all about you, not someone else. Align with your inner greatness that is naturally a part of your make up.

Minus the comparing, now focus on your inner strengths that fire the success engine. Begin by asking yourself: What does success mean to me? What is my ultimate image of how success looks in my work life, home life and relationship life? What are my strengths? What is unique about me? What areas do I need to improve and what resources are needed to help me do this? How can I effectively use my inner and outer resources to reach my goals?

Count your past successes. Acknowledge them and smile. Align with the greatness that is uniquely you. Let the energy of these successes stoke the internal fires to energize you to move forward.

Make sure that you are being realistic with your goals based on where you are, the energy that you are investing toward your goals and the amount of energy needed to accomplish them. Leave timelines open. Pressuring yourself with strict timeframes compresses energy and can drain you of the valuable energy you need to accomplish your goals.

You are an incredibly brilliant and creative person. Release the need to compare, measure up to or judge yourself. This will free up your energy and allow you to express the gifts, wisdom and creativity that are uniquely you. Success will define itself in its own distinctive way, which may not look like anything that anyone else is doing.

The world around you is constantly changing; therefore, you must continuously evaluate your goals and change accordingly. The energy of greatness is within you and is waiting for an opening to be released into all areas of your life. You can open that door now and align with this greatness or continue to wait another week or year, as you look to others to define you. Answer the call for success and the greatness within.


Dawn Fleming is a reiki master, author, teacher and ordained minister.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 29, Number 1, February/March 2010.

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