How cancer works

Think of cancer as cells with attention deficit disorder. They are not bad insomuch as they have just strayed off the path.

by Nina Anderson — 

Most people think that cancer is evil, but basically it is a dysfunctional cells that have been misguided into not dying. The T cells in the body control these cancer cells. T cells convert nitrogen into nitric acid, which dissolves cancer cells, but normal cells are not affected because they are protected by superoxide dismutase (SOD). SOD is produced in the body from electrolyte minerals, primarily manganese and selenium.

Cancer cells seek out nitrogen, which comes from protein stored in the muscle tissue and eats away at this muscle to get at the nitrogen to deprive the T cells of food. Cancer cells get food from an ingrowth of blood capillaries and grow a tough protein coating that is 13 times thicker than that of a regular cell.

Cancer cells talk to healthy cells and send an erroneous DNA message (not to die) throughout the body. This is why, even though we remove the cancerous body part, cancer often recurs somewhere else years later. The message has been sent and festers in these healthy cells until they too become cancerous. We need to stop the cancer’s ability to send these messages in order to control it.

Think of cancer as cells with attention deficit disorder. They are not bad insomuch as they have just strayed off the path. If we think of cancer in this way, we see that we can affect its pathway through thought, diet and supplements. Fearing cancer and hating it sends a negative vibration throughout the body, which does not help the healing process. We must think of cancer cells as kids with problems. You do not hit the kids with bigger paddles to make them shape up; you try to change their behavior.

In numerous studies over the last decade, it has been shown that if we foil cancer’s ability to sustain its irrational behavior, the cancer will become weakened enough for our T cells to get the upper hand. Fermented, nitrogenated soy foils the cancer’s plan and supports the protein in the muscle to reduce the protein-wasting effect of chemotherapy. The fermented soy ingested must be reduced to a small cellular amino acid state so it can break through the protein barrier of the cancer cell. Nitrogenated, fermented soy is sought out by the cancer cell because it is looking for nitrogen.

Once the cancer cell eats this, the beneficial soy isoflavones, protease inhibitors and phytosterols undo the cancer, reprogramming it to die again and imparting that DNA into daughter cells. The soy isoflavones genistein and daidzein cause the cancer cell to differentiate and change back to normal cells. They also inhibit the cancer cell’s ability to get food from the blood, thus starving and weakening existing cancer cells.

Single soybean extractions alone, like soy isoflavonoids, cannot do this as they are too large to be absorbed; the cancer cell is not attracted to them due to their lack of nitrogen.

It also has been discovered that cancer loves an inflammatory condition in the body. This is where it thrives. Chronic inflammation may not be visible but if you have ever taken antibiotics, vaccinations, fought infections or been under stress, then you may have a chronic inflammatory condition. It is imperative that you not only treat the cancer but remove its happy home.

One protocol that can be used includes: Haelan fermented/nitrogenated soy drink; Jiva soy/curcumin anti-inflammatory supplement; an essential fatty acid supplement (parent omega 6 4:1 to omega 3); Liquid 12-trace mineral electrolytes; digestive enzyme supplements with every meal; filtered (not distilled) water that is 7.4 pH or higher; and a mostly vegetarian diet with no sugar or high-glycemic carbs. There have been positive results in most cases.

Do not just depend on putting things into your mouth and expecting miracles, however. You must also change your attitude about cancer, reduce the fear as much as possible and use visualization, meditation and positive thinking to keep your vibrations harmonious with the healing process.


Nina Anderson is the author of Cancer Disarmed and editor of Prevent Cancer, Strokes, Heart Attacks and Other Deadly Killers by Dr. Vijaya Nair.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 29, Number 1, February/March 2010.

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