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By affirming our intentions and taking actions toward our goals, we can begin to attract and experience all the positive effects and see our dreams become a reality.

By affirming our intentions and taking actions toward our goals, we can begin to attract and experience all the positive effects and see our dreams become a reality.

by Cathie Barash — 

Affirming our intentions is a way of stating our desires that sets the stage for creating what we want to occur. By clarifying what we wish to achieve, we elevate our feelings to those of joyful anticipation.

Therefore, it is an empowering exercise to write out an intention statement, which affirms our desires in order to make them a reality. It is important to personalize this as much as possible by using our own unique style. After all, the more we feel good about the visualization of our dreams, the more easily we attract them.

Writing out our objectives helps move us toward taking action on our goals and at the same time magnetically pulls the right people and situations toward us. This whole process transforms our entire emotional landscape for the better.

1. Write an intention statement. Below is an intention statement that I created as an example, which has become an ongoing beautiful reality.

“I desire to live a holistic life that nurtures my mind, body and spirit, while inspiring those around me. In order to accomplish this work of love, I will increase my self-care efforts by continuing to improve my thinking, honor my physical health and connect daily with a spiritual practice. The resultant energy and love from my actions will positively affect the quality of my own life and all those with whom I come in contact.”

After writing my declaration and creating time for contemplation, I experienced clarity about my desire to write a personal growth book. This clearness of intention seemed to attract and lead me to all the right people and information I needed throughout the writing process.

2. Take action. Taking action is an ongoing reminder of how powerful our intention statements can be in attracting what we desire. A ripple effect can occur from just one single action. For example, one of the intentions I outlined in my statement was to honor my physical health, which for me meant exercise.

This intention led to the action of joining a gym and meeting a great dance instructor who teaches classes there several times a week. That one act of joining her class has led to improvement in so many ways, such as feeling better emotionally; choosing healthier food options and other empowering choices; an increased happiness level and sense of well-being; reduced negativity; and ultimately more pleasant interactions with others. Similarly, our intention statements will often contain a desire to improve our current relationships or attract new ones.

3. Be positive. In this case, if we begin by focusing on the positive traits in our friends, relatives and even strangers this can have a very powerful effect on our relationships and make us feel good about the world as a whole.

Those around us will intuitively sense our positive demeanor and be naturally attracted to us. Also, this acknowledgement develops the habit of looking for the good in people, instead of focusing on their faults.

It is important to note that stating our desires does not necessarily need to be lengthy; it can simply be a word or a brief sentence. For example, a friend of mine stated her intention in a five-word affirmation regarding her health: “Thank you for the healing.” She began saying and thinking this prior to getting a liver transplant. Ultimately, she experienced a profound positive effect and life transformation.

4. Believe. During the year my friend was waiting for her transplant, she silently gave thanks for a successful surgery before she ever had the operation. She continually visualized and set her intention for improved health by saying her affirmation over and over, all the while feeling and believing it to be true.

This positive mindset gave her the mental and emotional strength she needed to prepare for her life-saving surgery and also helped her to recover more quickly. She believes it was the quality of her thoughts that contributed to and attracted the positive outcome she experienced. Having a strong belief can work miracles.

Her story and its positive outcome can provide a lot of hope for what is possible. It shows that when we have optimistic thoughts and clear intentions, we can attract and create almost anything. After all, if affirming one’s intentions can have the kind of impact it did for my friend, imagine what it can do in our daily lives and relationships.

By affirming our intentions and taking actions toward our goals, we can begin to attract and experience all the positive effects and see our dreams become a reality.


Cathie Barash is a relationship author and coach. She is the author of The Right Relationship Starts with You., 602-803-0709 or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 32, Number 2, April/May 2013.

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