Can healers also enlighten?

What we need is energy work that boosts us along our spiritual paths while, at the same time, making us feel better.

by Gregory M. Scott — 

Sartori, Samadi, Jivan Mukti, Sehaj, Deeksha, God realization and enlightenment — how do these “higher states” relate to the practical, day-to-day healing concerns we all have? Is it possible for your next step to improve your health and your spiritual life?

Researchers around the world are interested in the body’s own bioelectrical magnetic field, the aura, and how it can be affected by others. Gurus, holy men and qi gong masters like Mantak Chia have patiently allowed themselves to be poked, prodded and measured. Articles in Time Magazine and other national publications routinely explore the existence of God and higher states of awareness, reporting the latest evidence and studies.

Masura Emoto has documented the incredible and indisputable effects of thoughts upon water crystals. Richard Gerber, a medical doctor and researcher, reports in his book, Vibrational Medicine, the effect of energy healing on illness. But, what most people cannot access, without a great deal of struggle and effort, is a healing system that permanently produces these higher and most desirable states of being. There has been little or no research in this area.

How does energy work impact spiritual growth? The time has come to combine the search for higher consciousness with the search for ultimate physical healing, without having to join yet another religion or spiritual path. What we need is energy work that boosts us along our spiritual paths while, at the same time, making us feel better.

Why? Because the aim of most energy work is just that — to alleviate symptoms and help us feel better. Consider three major areas of healing: physical, psychic and soul healing. If healing one or all of these will not move us into a permanent state of enlightenment. After all, people do not go to healers asking, “Can you help me find God?”

Yet, there is a fourth category of healing, facilitated by the Source, God-centered or universal healer, who has the ability to simultaneously heal and relocate people to a higher plane. Descriptions of the miracles performed by Jesus and Buddha suggest this capability. A modern example is the healer who delivers Deeksha (God consciousness) under the aegis of the India-based oneness movement. With such healing, people feel better and they enter enlightenment.

While spiritual giants like Master Mantak Chia, Sri Sai Baba of India, Sri Harold Klemp and Sri Michael Owens of the United States, and the Eastern immortals also have the capability, their devotees’ healings and consciousness-raising result from service, discipline and devotion to the master’s mission.

Physical healers use their hands to heal. Psychic healers rely quite often on extrasensory information, whether intuitive, channeled or telepathic. Soul healers are often remote viewers, in that they see not only far away but also into previous existences. By addressing that information, psychic and soul healing cause phobias, traumas and other issues to diminish, if not disappear, for this lifetime.

Can these healers bridge the gap between their energy work and the Source? In most cases, they cannot. Source or universal healers have one thing in common, though: their strong desire and ability to help remove blockages to the spiritual self, leaving an individual no choice but to rise to a higher state of being.

Using Divine energy, universal healers replace stagnant and toxic energies and sever negative connections to others. They extract disruptive emotions, implants, addictions, entities and multidimensional influences. They also help negotiate the reduction of past-life and future karma. Their patients, in turn, ascend into a karma-free life.

At that level, physical and emotional problems appear to be minor distractions from our spiritual selves. We are not freed from the consequences of our actions, but are freed from the karmic effects. We are ascended, while still in the physical body, living a normal life — here and now.

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all things shall be added,” was said first by Jesus to his own energy workers, his disciples. Those with spiritual goals and healing needs might be better served by a healer who can help integrate the two.


Gregory M. Scott, Ed.D., Grand Master Universal Healer, is the founder and executive director of the Master Universal Healer program of healing and ascension services located near Boston, Mass. He is the author of The Universal Healer: God Energy in Action., or 774-293-1142.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 25, Number 5, October/November 2006.

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