To Pluto or not to Pluto? This is the question, or is it?

What is the big to-do about this piece of rock that is so far from us that it takes about 248 Earth years to go around the Sun?

by Gabriella von Elekes — 

The news is out: Pluto is not a planet, after all. The astronomers’ decision became final on August 24, 2006, at the International Astronomic Union meeting in Prague, the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic. These astronomers — trying to play a number on astrologers — have most certainly created a state of panic among some astrological clients: “Will anything change, now that Pluto has been downgraded to a dwarf planet?” “Will my life be less traumatic now that Pluto fell from the pedestal of the painful, slow and all-consuming, yet so necessary, symbol of change?”

What is the big to-do about this piece of rock that is so far from us that it takes about 248 Earth years to go around the Sun? For us astrologers, it is all in the symbols.

The discovery of a new planet always parallels a big consciousness shift in the world. Uranus was the first modern planet discovered with the help of a telescope, on March 13, 1781, by Sir William Herschel.

This event coincided with the development of human individuality, the idea of democracy and human rights (the American colonies breaking away from England, the French revolution, 1789) and the sexual “differentness” symbolized by the Marquis de Sade. The astrological symbolism of Uranus include: electricity, genius, invention, eccentricity, anarchism, revolution, avant-garde and astrology. Uranus is the “Awakener” in astrology.

Neptune, the second modern planet, was discovered through mathematical calculations on September 23, 1846. At this time, mysticism became widespread, the birth of the Theosophical society took place, and hypnotism and anesthesmineria were being used in medicine (ether was used in surgeries). Its astrological symbolism is illusion, deception, spirituality, higher power and charlatanism. During this time, astrology’s popularity started to fade because of the many charlatans who posed as astrologers. Neptune is the “Mystic” in astrology.

Pluto was discovered on February 18, 1930. Its discovery coincided with the development of the atomic bomb, the birth of fascism and, in the United States, the rise of the Mafia and Prohibition. The astrological meaning is transformation and regeneration through destruction.

When a client goes through a “Pluto transit,” Pluto either conjuncts, opposes or squares (creates a 90-degree angle) the Sun, Moon, Venus or some other sensitive point on the horoscope. It is the most profound transformation that one can experience in life. Something old must die in order for the new to be reborn. After the transit is well over, and the person has some time to look back, he/she realizes that, in the end, it was all for the better. Change had to happen. Pluto is the great Transformer.

Humanity has reached another level: it is time to expand our consciousness again, and it will take time to incorporate all the changes into our psyche.

Ceres, an asteroid discovered in 1801, has changed classifications several times, the last one being August 24, the same date as Pluto’s reclassification, when it was changed to a dwarf planet. Ceres symbolizes the way we show our nurturing qualities. One can hope this means that humanity has reached a point when we will become more nurturing and less destroying.

There are three “new kids” on the block: 50000Quaoar, 90377 Sedna and 2003 UB313 (nicknamed Xena). Their true significance remains to be seen and experienced.

Pluto is at 26 degrees of Sagittarius, which is the Galactic Center degree, as well: it is time for the big Transformer to be transformed. People who have birthdays between March 15 to 17, June 15 to 17, September 18 to 19 and December 17 to 19 will go through major transformations. There are specific essential oils one can use and mantras which can be repeated to facilitate these painful, yet necessary transformations.

Astrology sheds light on “why,” “when,” “what is the purpose of all this” and “how much longer” types of questions. And no, astronomers are not trying to annoy astrologers; it is simply time for all of us to experience a big change.


Gabriella von Elekes is a professional astrologer who teaches, does private and corporate consultations, workshops and public speaking. She is past president of the Arizona Society of Astrologers.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 25, Number 5, October/November 2006.

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