Coaching the soul

True happiness and fulfillment come from becoming who you truly are, not from getting what you think you want.

by Sunil Ahuja — 

Most life coaching is about coaching the ego. Life coaching generally works toward achieving goals by attracting things, making and executing plans, modifying behaviors or changing specific thoughts and feelings. It is based on the notion that happiness and fulfillment depend on getting something, whether it is a physical object or an accomplishment.

What you will likely discover, if you are successful, is that getting that thing you are wanting only brings you temporary gratification, not lasting satisfaction. True happiness and fulfillment come from becoming who you truly are, not from getting what you think you want.

Development is the intention of the soul, while getting things is the goal of the ego. The ego is a set of programs that never stops wanting things, so it is never satisfied. The soul is who you truly are; fulfillment occurs as the ego develops and aligns with the soul, and the soul grows into its full potential as consciousness.

Consider some key distinctions between living as an ego and living as a soul. First, the ego lives in a material reality, believing that getting material objects will make it happy. The soul, on the other hand, recognizes that the purpose of the material world is to act as a mirror, reflecting back its own level of development. The true prize is its own becoming, not the external reflection of the mirror.

The ego is motivated by a sense of deficiency and needs material successes to prove otherwise. The soul is aware of itself as individualized consciousness and knows that its purpose is to develop its potential as a unique expression of Source.

The ego identifies with the body, believing it is a fragile, temporary material thing that needs to be constantly protected. The soul understands that it is eternal and indestructible and will continue to exist beyond the body, so it is less concerned with safety and security.

Recognizing these distinctions fosters a need for coaching that goes beyond merely instructing the ego. Coaching the soul is fundamentally about development. In this process, you will:

  • Become freer from the ego’s insecurities and demands, better aligning with your soul’s purpose
  • Develop cognitively, emotionally and spiritually
  • Realize and express more of your soul’s unique potential
  • Expand your capacity to function consciously and effectively in the world around you
  • Become more present in each moment
  • Become more open and experience deeper connection in your relationships
  • Live a more fulfilling life that is in alignment with your soul’s intentions

The soul coaching process enables the participant to identify life, career and relationship goals. It assesses their stage of cognitive, emotional and spiritual development, and identifies the limiting beliefs that block their ability to achieve goals.

They also learn techniques and practices that enable them to dissolve the limiting beliefs that have been inhibiting their development. They learn to understand their current emerging stage and new practices that will encourage them to develop into the next stage. Ego goals are replaced with soul intentions, designing a life that develops and expresses its unique potential.

As a person engages in a soul coaching program, they progressively shift their self-identification from ego to soul, experiencing the possibility of genuine fulfillment and joy.


Sunil Ahuja, MSIA, is the founder of Integral Transformation Systems, an Avatar master, transformational workshop leader and spiritual development coach. 480-314-9281, or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 29, Number 1, Feb/Mar 2010.

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