Creating harmony in our world

Every human being has a voice to add, a unique perspective and a gift to share.

by Khayriyyah and Shadi Savannah — 

The art of creating music is one of the most innate abilities human beings possess. The way a mother’s hum soothes her child or the way children express their imagination through spontaneous singing are both reflections of the natural rhythm of this common bond we all share.

Music teaches us that there are no limits to what is possible when we apply our attention/energy to a specific goal. It is no wonder that science now abounds with irrefutable proof of the healing power of music.

While our education system struggles to keep children competitive within the ever-growing technological advances of our times, we have inside us everything we need to create harmony in the world.

What better way to teach children to grow into a world of infinite possibilities than by nurturing their natural ability to create music together? Musical collaboration is an invaluable tool for learning to practice unity in our communities.

Every human being has a voice to add, a unique perspective and a gift to share. Music is the thread that creates the beautiful tapestry of human diversity one voice at a time, one note added to the next. Collaboration is how we build bridges of harmony in our world.


Khayriyyah and Shadi Savannah are professional musician teaching artists who founded the Unity Band Music Program for children in 2009. They are active mentors for children with Free Arts of Arizona. or 480-544-6395.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 29, Number 6, Dec 2010/Jan 2011.

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