Secrets of the voice

Secrets of the voice

We must pay attention to our voices and the subtle differences. When they change, something within has moved.

We must pay attention to our voices and the subtle differences. When they change, something within has moved.

by Jill Mattson — 

We have a great stream of information surrounding us that is processed through our subconscious mind. But our truth is hiding from us in plain sight.

A crystal breaks out light into component pitches (wavelengths), while software breaks the voice into component pitches. Emotions, thoughts and health are reflected in the sound of our voices because each of those components carries a unique vibration. So, in essence, our voices are our vibrational fingerprints.

By playing a taped voice in reverse at certain speeds, David Oakes has shown that it contains hidden words. This is a replicable process, as everyone’s voice contains words when reversed. This is our subconscious speaking out. Even when we lie, the truth can be discovered through this process.

Perhaps this is why our intuition prickles when someone misleads us — our subconscious hears the hidden message. Somewhere in our being we hear the two messages — in forward and in reverse. It is quite possible that these two voices of information is what Jesus meant when he referred to liars as having forked tongues, as found in the Bible.

The real intrigue comes in when we consider how much information we hide from ourselves. How many times do we believe we are telling the truth, but our subconscious minds tell a different story? Many people have pointed out how difficult it is to know ourselves because we do not know what is hidden.

Oakes reports that people’s hidden messages reflect unhealed wounds, names of people close to us, deeper truths, things that we conceal and even lies.

A friend told me that she was going to school, but I detected uncertainty in her voice. She had to move in order to get her kids into a school closer to hers before she could attend school. Only after she completed the move did I hear the harmonic resolve in her voice. When she first spoke to me, she ignored the fact that she had not moved yet, making it impossible for her to go to school, but somewhere deep within her being she knew this.

Great avatars say that “the truth of who you are will set you free.” Upon deeper reflection, if we spoke our deep truths — not pleasing other people with insincere niceties, not being afraid to look at and forgive our own shortcomings, not thinking we forgave someone as we daydream of his demise — then all these things would not add dissonance in our voices. Dissonance sounds terrible. A beautiful sounding voice reflects greater inner harmony and greater inner truth.

It is not about lies so much as it is about what we are afraid to face within. The antidote is to feel the pain, which allows for a release. This is why grieving works. It is not as frightening or as painful as we believe. It will not destroy us. Within a surprisingly brief time, the pain will dissipate. Simply listen to music and let it help set you free.

We must pay attention to our voices and the subtle differences. When they change, something within has moved. When we are sick, our voices reflect this, but they also reflect our moods. Listen carefully to see within.

The goal is to have our voices, from all depths of ourselves — even deeply hidden feelings and fears, all of it — become one voice (a “uni” “verse,” or one verse). First and foremost, we must get to a point of complete transparency within ourselves in order to change our health, emotions and well-being and, ultimately, be healed and empowered.


Jill Mattson has spent 20 years researching vibratory sound energy for healing and specializes in sound secrets of ancient civilizations. She composes and produces CDs, employing sound-healing techniques and energies., or 814-657-0134.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 34, Number 6, December 2015/January 2016.

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