Creating peace

Peace comes from accepting all things, as they are.

by Josephine M. Joseph — 

To create peace on Earth we must give and live from the heart. We are one mind, one heart and one life. There is one God, many religions and one truth. Peace comes from accepting all things, as they are.

We are born free to choose our paths, as we, individually, are the only authorities in our lives. For thousands of years, masters have taught that the way to enlightenment is through self-discipline. The most important tool we possess is our mind. How we perceive thoughts and are affected by them is tantamount to what we create. Our collective thoughts project this world into existence so that it appears real.

An awakening is occurring on the planet right now of which we are each a part. It is the end of old consciousness and archaic ways of thinking, feeling and conditioning. As the old melts away, it allows the heart to lead, so that the power of collective thought soars into a new reality — a reality based in spiritual unity.

A hierarchy governs the universe, and the ascended masters possess great love and compassion. Their purpose is to assist humanity to discover the divinity that is our birthright. In the spirit of unity we choose to serve, regardless of the realm in which we live. We, in fact, live for each other, and because of each other, we are one life scattered into many bodies.

Honoring who we are activates compassion. Living present gives us the ability to transcend karma, and allows us to invest and live out the soul’s purpose on this earth. You are the light of the world; how you shine that light is up to you.


Josephine M. Joseph is a Karuna and Reiki master teacher and owner of 623-434-3394.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 28, Number 2, Apr/May 2009.

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