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The importance of visual arts in schools

September 12, 2013

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by Marilyn Eisenberg —  From those who are already considered successful and who require greater challenges, to those who would otherwise remain disconnected and perhaps not realize their full potential, the visual arts engage all students. These arts help students make new connections, think “outside of the box” and transcend previous limitations by learning to […]

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The Love Tetra

September 3, 2013

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by Dr. Larry Wilson —  This article is about balancing your life with the love tetra — four qualities of action that, when done in a balanced way, can lead to greater happiness and better health. The word tetra means four and is short for tetrahedron, which is a geometric solid with four sides and […]

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The truth about procrastination and what to do about it

October 10, 2012

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by Dr. James McClernan —  In our high-speed, computerized, polluted, congested environment, with its economic and political uncertainties and threats of war, we are told we must try to look younger than 30 and stay fit, or the stress of it all will kill us. At the same time, how-to books, media gurus and celebrities […]

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Creating peace

March 5, 2012

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by Josephine M. Joseph —  To create peace on Earth we must give and live from the heart. We are one mind, one heart and one life. There is one God, many religions and one truth. Peace comes from accepting all things, as they are. We are born free to choose our paths, as we, […]

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