Defending your body against pollution

Our air, land and water are saturated with these impurities, which have an extremely negative effect on the health of the human body.

by Curt Burbach — 

Unfortunately, the environment we live in is contaminated with toxic chemicals, heavy metals and carcinogens. Our air, land and water are saturated with these impurities, which have an extremely negative effect on the health of the human body. These toxins can accumulate and attack all of the body’s major systems by interfering with normal cellular activity, causing any one of several chronic degenerative conditions.

A few examples include: nervous system disorders, such as Parkinson’s and Lou Gehrig’s diseases; asthma and respiratory disease; immune system disorders such as diabetes, MS and lupus; gastrointestinal disorders like indigestion and ulcers; multiple chemical sensitivities; chronic fatigue syndrome; learning disorders, including ADD and ADHD; hormone disorders; abnormal brain activity manifesting as Alzheimer’s, decreased mental alertness, retardation and depression; reproduction system failures including impotence and infertility; and cancer.

The liver functions very much like a chemical plant: it filters and cleans the blood, regulates blood-sugar levels, metabolizes fat and forms cholesterol. If this organ becomes clogged and backed up, the body’s tissues are unable to release the toxic impurities and eventually sickness and disease set in.

Only when the toxic wastes are eliminated can the body begin to regain its balance. The following collection of herbs and fibers encourages healthy liver function by assisting in these activities, and herbal formulas can increase the body’s ability to resist the effects of environmental pollution and heavy metal toxicity.

Algin — Algin can prevent living tissue from absorbing radioactive materials, including strontium-90, which has an attraction to calcium. Strontium-90 can enter the body through the diet, making its way to your bones where it damages bone marrow, which is where disease-fighting T-cells are manufactured. Algin comes from brown kelp.

Kelp — This sea vegetable also blocks strontium-90 from entering the body, and cleans metal ions from calcium molecules. With its nutrients, kelp normalizes bowel function and enhances the effects of dietary fiber. It possesses antioxidant, anticarcinogenic and antitoxic properties. It can prevent cancer and reduce the risks of environmental pollution by increasing fecal bulk, thereby normalizing bowel functions; reducing cholesterol levels; rendering harmless the potentially carcinogenic colonic bacteria; and enhancing immune system response.

Bran — Bran protects blood and tissues by ensuring regular cleansing of the bowel. This dietary fiber decreases body weight, blood sugar levels, serum cholesterol and total triglycerides.

Pectin — Also a type of dietary fiber, pectin has a great effect on cholesterol, including lymphatic cholesterol. It binds with bile acids to decrease cholesterol levels and fat absorption, as well as decreasing the absorption of mercury.

Alfalfa — One of the most nutritious foods known, alfalfa decreases blood cholesterol by binding the bile acids necessary for cholesterol absorption. Alfalfa reduces tissue damage caused by radiotherapy, exhibits antibacterial actions against negative bacteria, and contains at least one protein with anti-tumor activity. Fibers like bran and pectin, also bind with various carcinogenic agents. Additionally, alfalfa deactivates dietary chemical carcinogens in the liver and small intestines before they have a chance to harm the body.

The following herbal blend is designed as an ongoing maintenance application. Capsules are a suitable and practical delivery method. Follow these steps to make your capsules:

  • Pulverize equal amounts of algin, kelp, bran, pectin and alfalfa with a coffee grinder.
  • Mix the herbal powders together.
  • Separate a “00” size capsule and pack the bottom with the herbal mix.
  • Reattach the top to the bottom half, and set aside.
  • Fill all your capsules.
  • Store capsules in a cool, dry, dark location.


Curt Burbach is completing his doctorate degree in natural health while working toward becoming a certified traditional naturopath. 480-272-4044 or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 26, Number 4, August/September 2007.

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