Developing power and healing through shamanic journeying

Guided imagery, drumming and other sound instruments are ways to attain a trance state, and enable us to enter the dimension where spirit beings reside.

by Josephine M. Joseph — 

Shamanic journeying is an ancient art used by indigenous peoples for centuries. Shamans used it as a tool to gain access to other dimensions for the purpose of healing and receiving guidance.

Journeying has been popularized these last few years, as awareness has grown with the understanding that dimensional reality can be accessed with the proper guidance and tools. Many of us know that we have the power to heal ourselves and want to discover how to achieve that.

We each have our own inner medicine healer. With practice and discipline, we can learn to create a deeper connection and develop our intuition to a high level in order to live a balanced, creative life, based upon our souls’ work.

Journeying can be one way to access and develop a connection to the spirit realms to assist us in fulfilling our mission. The universe speaks in metaphors and symbolism, and journeying can be a technique that allows us to reconsider how we view life, as healing is a change in perception.

Our outer life is a map that guides us toward the next step. With practice and discipline, these ancient techniques can assist us in developing our personal power and help us see that each of us created our own life, and we each have the power to re-create it.

In shamanism it is believed that everything is interconnected. On television we see shows about mediums which help us remember that life does not end here. Do we believe them? We appear to be beginning to understand the interconnection between heaven and earth. Not only are we interconnected in this realm, we are connected to other realms as well. We all have the choice to align our energy to a power greater than ourselves.

Journeying is a powerful technique for communication, guidance, problem-solving and healing, and that is but a small part of what can be accomplished in dimensional reality. We are all born with spirit guides, loving compassionate beings that visit when we are open. Journeying is a powerful way to develop our relationships with them and is one method of accessing entry into the spirit realm, as was practiced in ancient cultures.

Increasing our connection is a profound and simple way of expressing our individualized creative nature, and working in harmony with all life forms. We are here to integrate ourselves on all levels and achieve our highest purpose. We all can learn how to attain this altered state of reality. Guided imagery, drumming and other sound instruments are ways to attain a trance state, and enable us to enter the dimension where spirit beings reside.

One truth stands out in the practice of journeying: the only real thing is what is inside you. The world of form can be like trickery; you must see through the illusion of it and trust the signs at the core of what it intends to teach.

The divine plan brings the principles of heaven to earth, and we have the power and choice to take part in that plan. A blueprint of our evolution and divine participation in this plan illustrates the hierarchy that governs this dimension and keeps order in the universe. We are starting to acknowledge openly that we believe, collectively, in angels and other-worldly beings — and if we really look, we will see the evidence everywhere.

In order for us to be part of the collective voice, we must elect to release what keeps us mesmerized by the illusion of the fear that we are alone. Each step toward our Creator restores us quickly to our wholeness, bringing connection to the collective. When we understand the divine nature of our spirit partners and the value of our work together, we bring heaven to earth.


Josephine M. Joseph is a Reiki master teacher, educator and owner of Light Journeys., or 623-434-3394.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 26, Number 4, August/September 2007.

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