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This article presents an outline of the home spa lifestyle. While it does not eliminate the need for doctors and medications, such a life choice can allow a person to achieve a level of health far beyond what most believe is possible.

by Dr. Larry Wilson — 

For most people, healing means getting rid of their symptoms. This is a level of healing I cannot dispute. However, so much more is possible. I believe all human beings should be happy, healthy and at peace most of the time.

This article presents an outline of the home spa lifestyle. While it does not eliminate the need for doctors and medications, such a life choice can allow a person to achieve a level of health far beyond what most believe is possible.

Home spa living and eating

Meals at spas are simple and of excellent quality. Food choices are among the most important factors in this lifestyle.

Vegetables — Eat cooked vegetables at least twice every day. Vegetables increase the alkalinity of the body more than any other food group. They also provide many nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and the fiber needed to pass food easily and quickly through the digestive tract.

The best vegetables for this program are roots such as carrots, parsnips, turnips, rutabaga and onions. The cabbage family of vegetables is also excellent. Broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower comprise this group of healing foods.

Greens such as kale, spinach, mustard greens, beet greens and Swiss chard are very healing, as well. Pea pods and frozen peas are also excellent. A bag of frozen peas cooks in five minutes and makes a healthful, tasty and filling snack or meal.

Whole grains — Grains are excellent foods for those who can digest them. They are better tolerated as one’s health improves. The best include brown rice, brown rice pasta, white basmati rice, and blue and yellow organic corn (including organic corn chips). Millet, quinoa, amaranth and flax are also often tolerated well.

Grains provide many nutrients, neutralize an acid pH to some degree and provide what is called etheric energy. This subtle form of energy assists the development of the body to extend life, provide superior health and create a joyful existence. (This somewhat esoteric topic will be covered in a future article.) Whole grains carry this energy better than most foods that can be eaten in significant quantity, which is why grains are considered holy in many cultures.

Equally important is avoiding most other grains and cold cereals, as they are quite acid-forming. The worst are refined grains, such as the white flour found in breads, pastries, cookies and many other products. Even whole wheat bread is not part of this lifestyle because wheat is a highly altered food due to hybridization. Pasta is better, but easy to overeat. Rice or corn pasta is preferable.

Gluten, a protein found in wheat and some other grains, is not well tolerated by many people. This reaction can be subtle and may not be revealed in any standard blood test, or even via intestinal biopsies. Other gluten-containing grains include oats, barley, rye and spelt. For best results, I suggest avoiding all of these. However, this can be tricky, as they are found in many processed foods (and body care products and makeup). They are hard to avoid completely, unless you stick with fresh and minimally processed foods.

Proteins — Most people need some concentrated protein in their diets every day, and often feel their best eating a small portion twice or more daily. Protein foods, especially those of animal quality, offer many beneficial nutrients including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and much more.

Eggs, chicken, turkey, lamb, beef and some cheeses are among the best proteins, with a few cautions. The main problem with meats is finding quality products. More outlets are offering hormone-free meats from range-fed livestock. This tends to assure cleanliness, a big problem with chicken, turkey, beef and pork.

In fact, pork, ham and bacon are not recommended at all, due to the possibility of parasitic infection. Most beef cattle are deeply hybridized and not bred for superior nutrition, so we do not recommend eating a lot of beef, even the natural varieties. Organic milk products, especially those from goat and sheep, tend to be better quality. Avoid all processed meats and cheeses.

Beans, nuts, seeds and dairy are decent proteins, but not as high in etheric energy as are meats and eggs. Fish is not regarded as a high-quality protein food, although it is nutritious. Most fish today are contaminated with metals, chemicals and infections, due to water pollution. Fish caught in the wild may be better, but not necessarily.

Vegetarian regimens are not recommended. Many people do well on them for a short time, and indeed they are more “cleansing” for a while, until deficiencies develop. Vegetarian regimens are quite deficient in some nutrients and very low in etheric energy, which is why they are not recommended.

Fruit — Fruits have very little etheric energy, even when fresh. They have even less when dried, frozen or canned. Fruit often upsets the blood sugar level and can contribute to intestinal diseases such as yeast infections. Also, while technically alkaline-forming, the body may not be able to neutralize some fruit acids when digestion is poor. This can cause an acidic reaction in the body.

Water and sunshine — Drink mainly spring or distilled water. Water is essential to balance the body’s pH and distillation helps remove some toxic substances. A few health authorities claim that distilled water is acidic, and therefore less desirable. However, by effectively removing acidic waste products, distilled water assists in balancing the pH for most people. Spring water is second best. Next is carbon-filtered tap water, followed by water treated by reverse osmosis filtration or tap water from a clean source.

Drink three or more quarts each and every day. Most people are dehydrated. Restoring proper hydration can take several months to a year. An excellent habit is to drink several large glasses of healthful distilled water upon arising in the morning. This, plus a sauna, is an excellent way to start your day.

Exposure to sunshine for up to 30 minutes daily, preferably not during the hottest part of the day, can benefit almost everyone. If you are sensitive to sunlight, be sure to sunbathe early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Do not wear sunscreen of any kind for the best effects.

Food supplements — While supplements are very helpful, it is a vast topic. I will only mention a few foods used as supplements which may help many people. These are kelp, sea salt, brewer’s yeast and rice polishings. Eaten in moderation with your meals, these provide extra minerals and vitamins that our food often lacks. They are very affordable, as well. Kelp contains some toxic metals, as it is from the sea. However, it also contains alginate that binds these metals. Always seek supervision regarding supplementation if you feel you need it.

Using common herbs sparingly can add nutrition as well as flavor. Beware of herbs imported from Asia or Latin America, however — particularly Ayurvedic herbs and Chinese herbs — as they may contain toxic metals or other toxic substances.

Foods to avoid — Most of what is called food is not fit to eat on this healing program. Eliminate from your diet all refined and processed grains such as white flour, most white rice, white and brown sugar, honey and all artificial sweeteners. If you must use sweetening, try a little stevia, xylitol or pure maple syrup — and only occasionally. Avoid table salt, as this has had most of its trace minerals removed and often aluminum and other poisons are added. Table pepper is hardly any better and is often rancid. Avoid most boxed and canned foods except the few listed above. Most frozen prepared meals also should be avoided as they are highly processed and usually contain a long list of chemical ingredients.

There is no substitute for reading labels if you are not sure what you are eating. Restaurants can be a problem, because you have no way of knowing what has been added to your food, or whether the establishment is honest about the ingredients in their meals.

Do not despair, however, as there are plenty of delicious vegetables to choose from and many tasty ways to prepare eggs, meats, poultry and the healthy whole grains right in your own home.

Alcohol is never recommended, though a glass of red wine once every few weeks will not upset a healing lifestyle. A cup of coffee daily is too much, but a cup once a week is fine. Avoid soda pop, fruit juices and too many vegetable juices. Most of these contain excessive sugars and provide very little etheric energy. However, a small glass of carrot or green juice daily is excellent.

Organic foods — Food that is organically grown is a wonderful step to improved quality, but it still leaves much to be desired. Organically grown foods are mainly hybrids that are unhealthful to start with. These are often grown in mediocre soil, fertilized with superphosphate chemicals that stimulate rather than nourish the crop. Some are transported thousands of miles and lack freshness. Always wash vegetables and fruit thoroughly, as much of it can harbor parasites and other microorganisms.

Eating habits — Eat when hungry, meaning do not go long periods of time without eating. However, it is not helpful to eat all the time. Sit down when hungry, and have a meal or a snack when needed.

Rotate your foods — Eat the same food no more than every other day. Leave your anxieties, worries and fears behind when you sit down to eat. Relax if possible before, during and after eating. Sit quietly for meals and eat slowly and consciously. Avoid eating in traffic or in noisy places. Chew thoroughly and do not drink a lot of liquid with meals. Drink up to 15 minutes before a meal or an hour or more afterwards. This prevents diluting your stomach and digestive juices.

Cooking and food combining — Cooking is important in this approach to health and healing. Raw foods, like vegetarian diets, often create more problems than they solve. Cooking effectively kills many bacteria and parasites, and breaks down vegetable fiber and some connective tissue in meats. This makes many nutrients more available to our bodies and concentrates some nutrients. This allows us to eat smaller portions than if we were to eat food in its raw state. This is extremely beneficial for a digestive system under stress.

Cook food preferably at low temperatures and/or quickly by steaming, boiling in a little water or stir-frying. Soft boil eggs 3 to 4 minutes, scramble or fry lightly.

The simplest food combinations are easiest on your digestion. If you can adapt to a single food at a meal, such as a large package of frozen peas for breakfast or a large bowl of steamed carrots for supper, the happier your digestive system will be.

Humans used to eat much simpler meals than most do today, so it would follow that you should not add more dressings, sauces or spices than needed. These too, can upset a stressed digestive system. Simple meals will also reduce your cooking time, giving you more hours in the day for your home spa experience.

The home sauna

The near infrared light sauna is an essential part of this program. With regular use, it allows the body to eliminate hundreds of toxic chemicals, and many toxic metals, in a few years’ time.

The sauna assists the body to eliminate the chronic infections most people carry. These include chronic sinus and upper respiratory conditions, among many others. The sauna can also greatly enhance circulation that detoxifies the internal organs and moves more blood to the peripheral areas. This is excellent for most skin conditions. Near infrared saunas are dry and clean, and are different than traditional saunas or the far infrared type.

Any sauna, but especially a near infrared light sauna, greatly speeds up the healing process. It is by far the best health investment you can make. You can build one with our free plans, or find parts or a simple ready-to-assemble kit.

Resting and sleeping in a healthful enviroment

Do your best to get 9 to 10 hours of sleep every night. Going to sleep between 8 and 9 p.m. will give you the most restful night’s sleep.

Naps will also be needed, as one will feel tired at times, as healing occurs. For this reason, do your best to live in a place with clean air, peace and quiet. Also, vigorous exercise is not a part of this program. Conserve your energy as much as possible for healing. Limit your exercise to gentle walking and practices such as tai chi and yoga, but only if done gently.


Proper meditation is a key for developing self-awareness and grounding. It can do much more, but this is our present focus and goal.

The meditation we recommend is simple, yet powerful. It will help eliminate from your energy field the chaotic energies that almost everyone carries with them. I learned it from a man named Roy Masters, from whose Web site,, you can order a cassette or CD with a book. A somewhat expanded version, called the Meditation/Observation CD, is on my Web site.

The basic process is to move chi or subtle energy with your mind down the front of the body, almost as though you are standing under a waterfall or a shower. Later, the energy moves up your back as well.

The process of fully cleansing your energy field so that life can flow unimpeded takes a decade or more of continuous practice. This may sound daunting until you realize that you spend much more time in school or at work, often with far fewer rewards. Spending a half-hour to one hour daily doing meditation, especially easy to do while in the sauna, becomes a part of your lifestyle. It is a practice that is uniquely human and improves every area of your life, far more than just your health and your well-being.

I can only present the basics here. For more details, to see a longer version of this article or to find information on a near infrared light sauna, see


Dr. Lawrence Wilson has a medical degree and has been in the health field for more than 25 years. His books include Nutritional Balancing and Hair Mineral Analysis, Legal Guidelines for Unlicensed Practitioners, Healing Ourselves and Manual of Sauna Therapy and The Real Self. He also co-authored Toxic Metals in Human Health and Disease and contributed to The Dangers of Socialized Medicine. 928-445-7690 or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 26, Number 3, June/July 2007.

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