Fat and obesity linked to damaged lymph vessels

February 25, 2012

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Approximately 500 million cells die in your body daily.

by John Ossipinsky — 

In 2005, two studies linked fat and obesity to damaged lymph vessels. Both studies inactivated a gene called Prox1 that created leaky lymph vessels. This gene is required for the healthy formation of lymph vessels. Researchers identified lymphatic vasculature dysfunction as a cause of adult-onset obesity. They found that where the gene was inactivated, the lymph vessels became leaky, allowing cellular waste to build in the area, thereby creating fat.

The lymphatic system is a tiny network of vessels and nodes that can be damaged by many things, including dehydration, excess proteins, stress, extreme cold, infection, viruses, an acidic diet, some medications and a sedentary lifestyle.

Many of us are overly acidic (antacids sales have topped $10 billion annually), which is why we tend to be tight or sore. The acid causes lymphatic vessels to constrict, inhibiting the lymphatic system’s ability to efficiently absorb large proteins, excess fluid, cholesterol and other debris, creating fat in the body.

Approximately 500 million cells die in your body daily. The circulatory system handles the majority of this cellular waste, but the lymphatic system must also remove a portion of these dead cells. If your lymphatic system is acidic, it constricts. Cellular waste builds in the body and mixes with cholesterol and other debris to form fat.

If you help remove this buildup of debris by activating your lymphatic system, you will improve the detoxification of acid waste from the body to help weight loss.

Having a more alkaline body will help to open constricted tissues, improve lymph flow and lead to healthy, sustained weight loss. When you activate your lymphatic system, you will gain control of your health and see an amazing difference in how you feel mentally and physically. Besides losing weight, the side benefits to a more alkaline body are less pain, reduced stress and better sleep.

The following five steps can improve body pH, lymph flow and weight loss.

  1. Drink alkaline water — Purified or reverse osmosis water is devoid of minerals that improve pH.
  2. Daily exercise — Even 15 minutes daily will move blood and remove cellular debris.
  3. Manage stress — Stress is extremely acid-forming and weakens the body. Massage or a long walk reduces stress.
  4. Eat more alkaline foods —  Fresh vegetables and fruits raise the body pH.
  5. Lymph drainage therapy — Lymph activation improves circulation and detoxification, and promotes weight loss.


John Ossipinsky is a lymph activation therapist, lymphatic system/pH researcher, retired New York City firefighter and author of An Undetected Acid-Alkaline Imbalance, which explains how acid is more than just a digestive problem. 602-628-0070, or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 29, Number 6, Dec 2010/Jan 2011.

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