Feng shui cautions for buying property

February 24, 2012

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The effects of a depressed economy on real estate have placed an unprecedented number of houses on the market.

by Louis Audet — 

Feng shui provides much wisdom when choosing your optimum living space. The effects of a depressed economy on real estate have placed an unprecedented number of houses on the market. As a result, there exist opportunities to purchase property at affordable prices. But, before jumping in to take advantage of bargains, choose wisely and apply feng shui principles prior to making a decision.

Deciding where to live is an extremely important decision. It has an enormous long-term impact on health and finances. Therefore, it is imperative to understand the most significant feng shui factors when selecting your next home.

Key factors to keep in mind

  • Buyer beware! What appears to be a bargain may not actually be one. If a home is on the market due to foreclosure or short sale, there is a high probability that it may have poor feng shui. Reasons for a home sale of this type may be loss of employment, divorce or transfer to a lesser position. According to feng shui, a negative personal history of previous occupants in a home can remain with the house. Therefore, price advantage could be a disadvantage in the long run.
  • A front door blocked from the outside by an exterior wall, garage or an inside wall that is too close to the front door upon entering contributes to lower financial chi.
  • A direct view from the front door to a back door or window allows beneficial chi to escape and has often contributed to owners going under financially.
  • Money loss also can be attributed to land dropping off to the rear. Slopes, canals and washes drain off good chi.

Whatever negative feng shui exists, the misfortune can continue unless addressed by a feng shui consultant. By far, the intelligent option is to request a feng shui inspection before making an offer on a home. That assessment will determine if the problems can be corrected. Just one problem on the list may be reason enough to walk away from the purchase of the property.

This will also ensure that the property under consideration will be healthy and financially beneficial for you and your family. Happy house hunting!


Louis Audet is a chemical engineer, professional feng shui consultant and dowser with more than 20 years of feng shui experience in residential and commercial property selection, design and remediation. He is the author of Feng Shui Keys: Selecting the Perfect Home and Office. www.louisaudet.com or 480-345-1678.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 30, Number 1, Feb/Mar 2011.

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