Feng shui your home for the holidays

Start by familiarizing yourself with the bagua (the feng shui floor plan), so you know which areas of your home require chi enhancement.

by Joy Abrams — 

Feng shui is all about bringing auspicious energy called “chi” to your home and your heart. The holidays are a good time to temporarily add items to your house that are meaningful to you and your family. These items can increase the chi of your home.

Start by familiarizing yourself with the bagua (the feng shui floor plan), so you know which areas of your home require chi enhancement. Then determine the area of your life that needs help and add your favorite holiday decorations, in accordance with the bagua and the five elements in feng shui.

For example, to improve the health of a family member, hang a crystal ornament from the ceiling in the middle of the room. If you want to have a happy family gathering, add a wreath or a Christmas tree to the left center of your room or home.

Below are nine suggestions that will help make a difference in your life.

• To enhance your career, add items that represent water to the career area. Snowmen or snowflakes would work well.

• To bring your family closer together, put items that represent wood in the family area. A Christmas tree, Hanukkah bush or holly will work.

• To receive recognition, use items that represent the element of fire in the fame area. You can add a menorah, candles, stars or reindeer.

• If you are concerned about any aspect of your health, place items in that corresponding area, such as a woven basket or a bowl of fruit in a ceramic centerpiece.

• To get your creative juices flowing or if you are having a problem with children, place metal ornaments, toys and dreidels of metal, or perhaps a metal train set, in the descendents’ area.

• If money is your concern, place a money tree in the wealth area or use a tree made of wood with Hanukkah gelt (money) surrounding it.

• To receive more help and support for the holidays, enhance the compassion area of the bagua with angels or pictures of helpful people in round metal frames.

• If you are hoping for more wisdom, place wise men or religious figures in the wisdom area.

• If you want romance to enter or remain in your life, place two special pink or red ornaments in the relationship area.

Have fun studying the bagua and find your own creative ways to up the energy in your home for the holidays and all special times. Refer to the book, The Joy of Feng Shui, for other suggestions to enhance the bagua.


Joy Abrams, M.A., FSII, is a feng shui and yoga master and an international author who gives feng shui consultations. 602-791-5223, www.aaafengshuiandyoga.com or www.empowermentwithjoy.com.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 28, Number 6, Dec 2009/Jan 2010.

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