Food is our first medicine

The most common food allergies include: dairy, eggs, citrus fruits, tomatoes, potatoes, corn, peanuts, caffeine, chocolate, alcohol, pork, red meat, fried foods, processed foods and wheat products.

by Dr. Theresa Ramsey — 

The food we eat every day either is making us healthy or making us sick. There is a certain type of food allergy (IgG antibodies) that is silent and delayed. This means that you can eat a food and in four days have a headache without realizing the connection between the two. These silent food allergens contribute to systemic inflammation which is the anchor to all diseases.

Food is the most social vehicle we have. Through food, we share sorrow, joy, boredom, frustration, jealousy, religion, etc. Good or bad, it is part of life. If we have been told to avoid specific foods for a certain amount of time because of food allergies, the most important thing we can do is make dining an enjoyable experience.

Perhaps we can stimulate our other senses in order to feel less like a victim during taste avoidances. We can do so with different spices, by bringing more touch into our lives, becoming more connected to favorite music, burning beautiful scented candles, etc. Not only do these aspects of life make changing our nutrition plans easier, but they also enrich our spirit which is a huge part of the healing process.

In the box is a list of the most common food allergens, which are found in most people’s diets. If you have minor or major symptoms, of any kind, eliminate these foods for two weeks. If you are feeling noticeably better, go longer. Once your symptoms resolve, bring back one food at a time every four days to see which ones specifically affect your biochemistry.

If you make the decision to experiment with eliminating foods, refocus your joy away from food and towards creating wellness. This will help with your momentum and overall success. If you do not want to experiment, you can have your personal food allergies tested through a simple blood draw. Remember, it is impossible to receive healing by changing your diet if it causes you stress in the process.


Dr. Theresa Ramsey, co-owner of the Center for Natural Healing in Paradise Valley, Ariz., is a naturopathic medical doctor with a family practice. Her specialty is in Functional Medicine, which explores the cause or path to dis-ease and she is the author of Healing 101. 480-970-0077 or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 26, Number 3, June/July 2007.

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