Herbs for health and libido

Natural, inexpensive, powerful and free of pharmaceutical side-effects, herbs have long been recognized as sexual enhancers, improving libido and sexual function in both men and women.

by Julia Busch — 

Natural, inexpensive, powerful and free of pharmaceutical side-effects, herbs have long been recognized as sexual enhancers, improving libido and sexual function in both men and women. However, the following substances appear to improve overall health and comfort levels as well. Blended into synergetic compounds, they increase in potency.

Maca (Peruvian ginseng) — Nutritionally rich maca is an endocrine balancer, including the thyroid. It increases physical strength and stamina. Confirming maca’s legendary libido-enhancing reputation, test subjects almost quadrupled their sexual activity in 21 days. (Urology, April 2000)

Muira puama (“Viagra of the Amazon”) — UCLA School of Medicine found this herb to significantly improve erectile function and sexual desire. Regular use can effectively treat impotence in less than a month.

Saw palmetto berry — A nutritive, aphrodisiac tonic and popular, effective treatment for benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), saw palmetto berry tones the urethra to uphold healthy urinary function; increases sexual desire; naturally enlarges women’s breasts; reduces male impotence; and supports appetite, digestion and thyroid function.

Nettles — Strengthens and detoxifies the entire body while liberating libido-stimulating testosterone to boost sexual appetites. Many remarkable healing properties have been attributed to nettles, including prevention of hair loss, help with BPH, and success in some cases of rheumatism and arthritis.

Oat straw — Strengthens systemically, enabling men and women to quickly and effectively free up bound testosterone. In men, the herb treats impotence and premature ejaculation.

Ashwagandha — An Ayurvedic adaptogen widely used in southern Asia to cure impotence, restore male libido and fertility, it improves physical energy, sexual capacity, immunity, stress tolerance, memory, and wellness for both men and women. Contact your health practitioner before using, as it may increase the effects of lithium, diuretics, sedatives or other medications.

Yohimbe — The Physicians’ Desk Reference lists yohimbe as a natural aphrodisiac for men and women. Stanford University research found that subjects experienced a 90 percent increase in sexual desire in less than one hour; and it is known to help men achieve and maintain erections. Heart transplant surgeon, Dr. Christian Barnard, reported three out of four heart transplant patients experienced immediate return of sexual potency.

Damiana — An antidepressant that is intestinally stimulating, damiana tones the central nervous and endocrine systems. Carrying enriched oxygen to the genital area, it often restores women’s orgasm and strengthens men’s sexual function.

Shatavari — An excellent natural antibiotic said to kill candida and intestinal pathogenic bacteria which cause gas, distension, diarrhea, dysentery and poor assimilation. It treats female problems, including endometriosis. Shatavari also supports deep tissues, builds blood, improves fertility, prepares the womb for conception, prevents miscarriage and acts as a postpartum tonic by increasing lactation, normalizing the uterus and balancing estrogen levels — important in preserving women’s long-term health.


Julia Busch is president of Anti-Aging Press, Inc., editor of the So Young™ anti-aging holistic newsletter and author of 10 books. For free in-depth information on individual libido enhancing herbs and their synergies, call 800-SO-YOUNG (800-769-6864) or julia2@gate.net.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 26, Number 3, June/July 2007.

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