Forever young

by Amy M. Yelk — 

Aging gracefully starts when we teach our kids to use prevention throughout their lives.

The fountain of youth has yet to be found; however, most of us clearly want to look and feel youthful forever, or at least until we pass on.

Aging gracefully starts when we teach our kids to use prevention throughout their lives. Educate your children about the importance of staying healthy by teaching them about skincare, eating right and good exercise habits, and to follow their hearts by doing what they love. There are also great supplements for children that are high in probiotics and low in sugar.

Here are four keys to successful anti-aging, or growing old gracefully.

1. Use great products inside and out. Using good skincare products and supplements will help prevent aging, to a certain extent. Some of the best products are not mass-produced or found in stores.

2. Stay balanced in life — physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Balance physical activities with learning new information. This helps stimulate both the physical and mental bodies. Balance emotional feelings and communication while being in your truth and connecting to your intuition or a higher energy. This will balance your emotional and spiritual bodies. When you find more balance in life, you may find your passion and purpose in life.

3. Keep a positive outlook and attitude for yourself and others. Having a positive outlook on life is easy; keeping it, however, can be a challenge. To be consistently positive takes awareness, effort and motivation. Surround yourself with others who are positive, and set goals that support you in all ways.

4. Have good genes. To know whether you have good genes, you may want to check your DNA. Make sure to use a company that protects your identity. Some companies can customize a formula based on your sample to help prevent future illness.

You can help yourself and your family with the first three, but you will need to talk to your parents about number four. What is done is done; all we can do now is use preventative measures to help the rest.


Amy M. Yelk, is a registered nurse and personal chef who consults on wellness, heals with Reiki and massage, and offers hypnosis, NLP, and timeline and guided imagery therapy., or 480-600-6172.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 26, Number 6, December 2007/January 2008.


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