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Rock on, Stones

March 12, 2013

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by Dannette Hunnel —  While daydreaming through the drudgery of my workout one recent afternoon, one of my favorite Rolling Stones songs came on the radio. I, lacking the stamina of days gone by, noticed the song gave me that little extra pep to get through the last few minutes on the treadmill. Once again, […]

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Gentian for a positive outlook

February 18, 2013

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by Linda Crider —  When Dr. Edward Bach put his 38 flower essence healing system together, he included the Gentian plant as one of what he called the “happy fellows of the plant world.” If it were possible to get a dose of encouragement from a bottle, taking Gentian would be the way to do […]

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Are you a psychic empath?

November 27, 2012

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by Leslee J. Klinsky —  Do you ever feel overwhelmed by emotions when you are at a restaurant, movie, party or in a crowd? Does your mood ever change when you are around certain people? Do you ever feel a sudden energy drain when you are around someone in particular? Do you ever feel the […]

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Forever young

July 12, 2012

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by Amy M. Yelk —  The fountain of youth has yet to be found; however, most of us clearly want to look and feel youthful forever, or at least until we pass on. Aging gracefully starts when we teach our kids to use prevention throughout their lives. Educate your children about the importance of staying […]

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Relieve stress with massage in the workplace

March 5, 2012

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by Nina Laveson —  “Stress in the workplace has been labeled the number one health problem in the United States, with costs to American industry estimated at billions of dollars,” said Dr. Paul J. Rosch, a clinical professor of medicine and psychiatry at New York Medical College and president of The American Institute of Stress […]

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If your skin had a voice

February 26, 2012

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by Dr. Paul Stallone —  You watch your diet. You exercise. You try to lead a healthy life. But do you protect your skin? Many people tend to ignore the largest organ they possess. The function of the human skin is amazing — it is our first protection against viruses, bacteria, pathogens, chemicals and liquids. […]

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Modern women look to natural beauty traditions

February 26, 2012

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by Purvi Desai —  Have you ever asked a woman the secret of her radiant skin? I have asked that question many times over and received similar answers from women who say they have a positive attitude, eat only natural and fresh food, hydrate well and, most importantly, follow a daily beauty and skin care […]

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