Getting Grounded


Grounding is the conscious slowing down and tuning in that focuses on the basics. All successful people practice it, though often unconsciously, as it is where creativity arises.

by Dr. Larry Wilson — 

Being grounded means being real, honest, authentic and present. It is having the ability to see things as they are and get on with life without needless strife or heartache.

Many who need grounding are unaware of their need. Here is a short quiz about groundedness:

1. Do you find yourself taking on more than you can handle? Grounding has much to do with understanding your limits and boundaries. Ungrounded people are often unclear about these.

2. Do you find yourself stressed often? Taking on too much and avoiding areas of life you prefer not to examine create stress — often extreme stress.

3. Do you engage in activities and/or thoughts that could be a way to escape unpleasant aspects of your life? These can be obvious escapes like alcohol or cigarettes. They can also be subtle and socially acceptable, such as excessive shopping or spending all your time with family, friends or pets. Any preoccupation that you suspect, deep inside, is a waste of time and perhaps an escape, probably is, at least to some degree.

Up and out spirituality

A lack of groundedness often leads to an interest in spirituality. This can be extremely positive, provided one does not stay in a mindset some call “up and out spirituality.” This approach can be summarized by the phrase from Star Trek, “Beam me up, Scottie.”

Up and out spirituality starts with the idea that the planet is a horrible place, that one deserves better, and perhaps there was a mistake in coming here in the first place. One wants out and spiritual exercises promise the way.

Many meditations, affirmations and other practices can be used to forget this place and do one’s best to ascend out of it as quickly as possible. These range from extreme diets to certain meditations that teach one to leave the body and imagine a happier, safer place. While they are not all bad, they are easily overdone. The person may not understand why, in spite of all the practice, life does not improve much, and may actually get worse. It is because they are becoming less grounded here, and that is the hidden intent behind these methodologies.

Up and out is a good start on the spiritual path, and the way most people begin the spiritual search. However, there are better meditations to assist you toward a more centered and grounded life.

How to ground yourself

Grounding has to do with getting back to basics. Think of grounding a child. One gives up some privileges, quiets down and focuses on simpler ideas. These can be horribly boring, but part of the idea is to still the mind long enough to reflect. Like teenagers, ungrounded people often crave excitement in the outside world. Grounding is the conscious slowing down and tuning in that focuses on the basics. All successful people practice it, though often unconsciously, as it is where creativity arises.

The basics are routines that keep you centered, balanced and functioning well even under stress. They are especially important if you want to undertake large projects or important work.

One principle to begin with is to realize that if you do not take complete control of your personal world, others will do so. Blaming others for this is silly, although it is often the way in our world. You must learn to take full responsibility for your life or you will end up angry and depressed — like a leaf tossing in the wind. Among the most essential needs for the body are plenty of rest and sleep, going to bed early and not allowing others to disturb your rest. Others include children, pets, spouses, unannounced visitors or phone calls. This may be difficult for some in families, but it is well worth it to set up systems that work.

Another basic is eating well daily. This means healthful food, every day, no exceptions. It also means healthful eating habits. The average person compromises this with stops at fast-food restaurants, skipping meals, eating in front of the refrigerator, eating in the car and so on. Again, it is a matter of prioritization. Simple, home-cooked meals of fresh food are best, and far more nutritious than almost all restaurant food.

Another basic that is much more subtle is to remember to breathe deeply. This is an exercise that takes some unusual concentration for most people, yet it has many health benefits. Stretch, yawn and sigh often. Stop what you are doing on a regular basis and breathe. Doing it while exercising is not enough.

Meditation is another basic, provided you send your energy downward into your feet and hands, while sitting or lying down. You can do this while walking, as well. This type of meditation will eventually ground you so much that you will need few other techniques.


Besides, resting and eating slowly and consciously, walking slowly and deliberately is a most helpful grounding exercise. Think of your feet as you walk and send your energy into the earth with each slow, deliberate step. If helpful, imagine you are being pulled along when you walk by a magnet hidden under the earth. Another way is to imagine that you weigh 500 pounds and each of your steps crushes the earth beneath your feet. One other idea is to imagine that your foot is like a large suction cup that spreads out as it attaches deep into the ground.

An ancient walking method is called tai chi walking or chi-kung walking. Imagine you are holding up your head from the crown and the rest of your body is hanging loosely, attached to your head by a wire. This will help you stand in a relaxed manner. Bend both knees a little and stay low throughout your walk.

Place all your weight on one foot. Lift the other one slowly and step forward gently and firmly. Do not straighten the knee completely. If you do, your head will bob up, which completely disconnects you from the earth and is the opposite of what we want. Keep your weight on the back foot when you step forward. It will feel uncomfortable at first, because most people fall into their steps. Practice this slowly a number of times until you can step forward without moving your weight forward.

Next, gently shift your weight forward and down, onto the front foot. When all your weight is on the front foot, repeat the process, lifting the rear leg and taking your next step. You must start very slowly until this style of walking becomes a habit. Some do this instinctively or unconsciously. Most people, especially those who are not grounded, will have difficulty at first, and it will take time to master.

This exercise is well worth the effort and is the style of movement used by all animals in the wild. Observe your cat, and you will notice this exact sequence of movement if you look closely enough. It is a survival mechanism for animals, as it allows them to test the ground before they place their weight there. It also provides great strength and balance.

Grounding is often about “testing the ground” before you move forward, in order to stay strong and balanced. So this technique is a metaphor for grounding as well as a useful way to move through the world. Be sure you do not bob your head up and down when you step, as most people do. That would be the Gomer Pyle walk, the opposite of grounding.


Eat quality food and maintain healthful eating habits. Eat simple, regular meals at regular intervals, sitting down quietly when you eat and staying put for at least a few minutes after eating to allow digestion to begin. Certain foods assist grounding. These include meats, eggs, some whole grains such as brown and basmati rice, beans and root vegetables. Sugars, including a lot of fruit and juices, are much less grounding. In excess, they upset blood sugar, calcium metabolism, thyroid and adrenal activity.

Simplify everything

Time is really all one has on this earth. Time can be wasted in hundreds of ways. Even idle emotions that mainly distract you or keep you in the past or future can be a huge time waster. It is possible to work without overworking, to find simple solutions, simple pleasures and easier ways of doing everything.

Note that time spent resting and sleeping is not a “waste of time.” The soul is often very active during sleep, at times more so than during waking hours. For this reason, do not ignore feelings of fatigue. They may mean you are exhausted. They may also be alerting you that you are more active during resting hours and need to allow yourself more time for this important evening activity.

The lightworkers

Essentially, this is the idea that we are here voluntarily to uplift a sad, ignorant planet inhabited mainly by souls who have forgotten their perfection, beauty and loveliness. So of course it seems dark and difficult here. One must not expect anything different.

The key principle is to always keep your mission uppermost in your mind. This mission is to uphold the light. This means to be a shining example to your peers of love and reason, not vengeance and hatred. You may be mistreated for doing this. That is part of the mission and not to be feared. In every situation, treat all people kindly and know that you are perfect, and they are perfect as well. All that is not love is a cry for love.

This planet is in its present state because it needs your help. So rather than lament, hate or run away, remember your mission and just get on with it. You are capable and bright, so do not stop to consider any other possibilities. If you will just use your knowledge, all will be well. If not, the suffering will go on. Expecting miracles is fine, but knowing the reality is what counts.

It is also extremely important to share the positive lightworker ideas, meet with fellow lightworkers, and work and live together. Why not, as you have the same missions? Yet many do not do this, either because family ties bind them to people who are not of the same inclination, or for other dysfunctional reasons related to their early life traumas, in many cases. This is where natural healing can really help all lightworkers.

Doubting the perfect doubt

An excellent method for grounding is called “doubting the perfect doubt.” Most people, especially when not grounded, have doubts about their self-worth, and much else as well. These doubts get in the way of progress, as they can damage the emotional self.

Suppressing doubt usually does not work. It results in false positiveness that, in fact, just covers up for the doubt and negativity that has become intolerable for the person. Instead, try doubting your doubt. This can work because doubt is essential. The question is what to doubt. By doubting your doubts, you can, in some instances, turn things around.

For example, you might doubt the value of this article. Then turn it around and doubt your doubt. In other words, maybe the material is wonderful. You can do this with any fearful doubts that arise. It can help break a cycle, and that is the goal. Doubting yourself all the time is quite harmful and tends to unground a person. Doubting your doubts acts as a reality check in many cases and can keep you more centered.


Another key to grounding is to forgive everyone and everything over and over as long as you live. It allows you to let go and move on. If you do not know how to forgive, just ask for help in learning to forgive. Help will come if you ask persistently.

Forgiving does not mean that others may take advantage of you or anyone, though it may look that way. No one really gains on this planet by taking advantage of anyone. They just incur karma or the need to repay what they have taken that is not rightfully theirs. So there is no need to punish anyone, really. That is a metaphysical law.

Instead, think as Jesus did when he said, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.” This is the truth, whether it be a terrorist bomb or a corrupt official. They do not know, or they would not dream of doing what they have done. They would be kind and forgiving, because this is the only way to move on to a better life in truth.

The bodies of most people today are so toxic, often malnourished and emotionally damaged that it is a wonder so many are able to function as well as they do. I assure you, speaking as a doctor, we are all a mess, with no exceptions. I say this because some will say “He’s not referring to me.” Yes, I am.

Conditions on the planet are such that good food is rare, good water is rarer and good air is nonexistent, unless you live in a rural area. And even there, the air quality often is questionable. Sadly, we have been brainwashed to think otherwise by our “medical authorities.” There is no escaping this fact. In addition, emotional conditions are poor for children in most families, regardless of what counseling authorities would have one believe. If that were not the case, drug and alcohol abuse would not be so widespread, nor would domestic violence and other social problems. Again, we have been conditioned to think of many things as normal, when they are not.

The best path to recovery is through your own efforts, such as the many fabulous natural therapies discussed in this publication, for example. Lightworkers all need to take them in deeply, especially bodywork, nutrition and similar healing modalities. True healing is slow and somewhat tedious. Do not be discouraged. Spend the money. It will be a far better return on your investment than the silly pleasures people spend their time and resources on, such as fancy vacations, second homes and so much more.

For many people, healing oneself on all levels is essential for grounding, though most consider themselves “fairly healthy” right now. If you are not happy with the way things are on the planet, look into healing.

This is not a condemnation or criticism of anyone. The soul of each is perfect. The bodies, however, all need work, if we are to be comfortable and grounded.


Dr. Lawrence Wilson has a medical degree and has been in the health field for over 25 years. His books include Nutritional Balancing and Hair Mineral Analysis, Legal Guidelines for Unlicensed Practitioners, Healing Ourselves and Manual of Sauna Therapy and The Real Self. He also co-authored Toxic Metals in Human Health and Disease and contributed to The Dangers of Socialized Medicine. or 928-445-7690.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 25, Number 6, December 2006/January 2007.

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