Harness your power to lower high blood pressure

If you want to lower blood pressure, commit to using imagery and your imagination.

by Vickie Mesa — 

You have the power to support your body’s health by using your mind’s “imagery” — a self-directed daydreaming that uses the imagination. If you want to lower blood pressure, commit to using imagery and your imagination. The following six-step exercise can help you achieve the results you want.

1. Set aside 10 minutes daily, over a two-week period, and enjoy your favorite relaxing music in a quiet place.

2. Close your eyes, take three slow, deep breaths and concentrate on lowering your blood pressure. While in this thoughtful state, allow your imagination to bring up memories that are meaningful and pleasant to you. Let your imagination go and enjoy the experience.

3. While in an imaging state, you experience a conversation between the physical (conscious) and inner (subconscious) mind. A dialogue is created to help lower blood pressure.

4. Continue using imagery and you will notice that you are becoming familiar with it. Now you can “play back” profound images several times a day in brief intervals (five seconds). You will notice yourself experiencing imagery replay when going through daily routines; for example: when brushing your teeth, while driving or when standing in line at the store. Imagery is now “cemented” in your memory and you experience it often.

5. Add the repeated use of a gesture, like placing your hand on your belly, when you are in your quiet place, listening to music and practicing imagery. If you do this consistently, you will become aware that you have developed instant recognition of your imagery. Each time you practice the gesture, which “anchors” the memory, you may feel that your blood pressure has dropped. The intention is set, and you experience the result.

6. Test your blood pressure. Use your chosen gesture, which has anchored the imagery, and take those familiar deep breaths at the beginning of the test. If you have practiced enough, using your gesture is automatic and blood pressure is lowered.

You now have a powerful formula for lowering blood pressure: deep breaths + imaging + gesture = lower blood pressure. The body and mind, working together, truly are a wonder!


Vickie Mesa is a certified hypnotherapist in practice in Ahwatukee, Ariz. 480-361-6159, vickie.mesa@cox.net or ww.healinginsight.info. 

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 26, Number 5, October/November 2007.

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