Healing with voltage

The everyday electro-pollution in a modern America accumulates in our bodies at the cellular level, short-circuiting the harmonic electric body.

by Carol R. Keppler — 

Life force (prana, chi) is an important part of health and healing but can be rather difficult to describe. One explanation is that it is the flow of universal energy through invisible axiatonal lines, which connect to the system of meridians. This is easier to understand for most because of the link between meridians and acupuncture, an increasingly popular modality that deals with blocked energy via the meridian system.

When the axiatonal lines are damaged (by toxins, medications, chaotic electric energy, severe emotional or body trauma) and life force is interrupted, we get wasting disease said to have no known cause or cure. Although there are other ways to deliver life force to the cells (i.e., pure spring water, raw foods grown in naturally mineralized soil, sunlight on the skin and through the hair and eyes), the flow of universal energy through these lines is of ultimate concern.

The pituitary gland, the body’s master gland situated mid-brain, is the transducer of this powerful force for healing, regulating the voltage to a level usable by the human body — the millivolts of subtle or harmonic electric. The millivolts from this healing force can now be used by the cells for self-repair.

The everyday electro-pollution in modern America accumulates in our bodies at the cellular level, short-circuiting the harmonic electric body. The results are seen in the untold number of people who struggle with fatigue, depression, debilitating headaches and often undiagnosed heart conditions, all of which can be linked to chaotic electric overload. Chronic pain and disease are the result of cells running out of voltage before repairs are completed. Amazingly, once the voltage is corrected, the system returns to a normal and healthy pH of 7.35.

For the self-repair process, the meridians must ramp up to a negative 50 millivolts (-50mV). Normally, voltage runs at -20 to -25mV. When voltage falls to -15mV, fatigue sets in. At -10mV, disease becomes a concern, and at -5mV the body begins to shut down, displaying multiple symptoms of malfunction. Zero millivolts means zero life force and ultimately death.

According to Jerry Tennant, M.D., who has done extensive research in the field, there are many situations that drive this process and put the body at risk. One in particular can be attributed as the root cause of many Americans’ poor health: the leakage of voltage through dental work, metal fillings, crowns, dental corrections and root canals.

Because each tooth provides a direct connection to specific organs or systems of the body, teeth can become electron thieves. A tooth leaking voltage may be the cause of a malfunction in vision or hearing, the muscles, or in the heart, bladder or liver.

The good news is that the body’s ability to heal itself can be assisted by electron donors. Such sources include drinking pure water (not distilled or tap), eating uncooked foods, and having contact with the earth, moving water or with trees, plants and pets. Human electron donors may be in the form of massage therapy, reflexology, acupuncture treatments or even hugs with other people. The close-to-nature element of plant-based essential oils works as well. Additionally, water-based electroceuticals, programmed with thousands of frequencies of herbs and other natural substances is the new electron donor par excellence.

Dietary fats are also important, as they are necessary for the transfer of subtle electric from the meridians into the body’s 75 trillion cells, via their fatty cellular membranes. Real butter, raw milk and fertile eggs (not necessarily “organic”) from uncaged chickens are prime sources for the process, as are high-frequency, nonhydrogenated oils. High-quality grapeseed oil works well and is inexpensive but may be difficult to find in today’s marketplace. Low-fat diets are not good, as they do not provide the fats needed for energy transfer for system function and repair.

Sufficient water is another important element, as it is needed to hydrate our 75 trillion cells. Their ability to self-repair is dependent on hydroelectric energy — no water means there will be no repair. The water must be “free water” (without flavoring), which we must consume on a daily basis of at least one quart or half one’s body weight in ounces of water.

Without this level of information, we would be forever stuck in a system of treatment that continues to mask symptoms rather than determine the root cause. Harmful drugs and surgeries will be a thing of the past once the public is made aware of the possibilities of self-healing through the subtle energy resonance of the body’s amazing meridian system and the new energy medicine that looks beyond the obvious to find true and lasting wellness for the people of this planet.

More information on meridians and voltage can be found in the book, Healing Is Voltage: The Physiology of Cellular Self-Repair, expertly addressed in lay language by Jerry Tennant, M.D.


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Carol Rose Keppler is a master energy intuitive who does energy scans of the body. She is CEO of AltWaters™ Technology and COO of Energy Medicine Foundation. www.altwaters.com, www.energymedicinefoundation.org or 602-996-9753.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 29, Number 2, Apr/May 2010.

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