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Reiki energy therapy: an extraordinary healing technique

October 18, 2012

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by Josephine M. Joseph —  Reiki is a noninvasive energy therapy that promotes the body’s natural abilities to heal itself. It is an energetic healing system, a laying-on-of-hands technique that is very much like a mother’s touch. It is a nurturing energy that supports the body, mind, spirit and emotion. Reiki is a Japanese word […]

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You must halt energetic eating to lose weight

September 29, 2012

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by Dr. Judith Orloff —  There is more to overeating and obesity than meets the eye. One big reason that many diets fail is that traditional weight-loss programs do not factor in the way we process subtle energy, or what Chinese medicine refers to as life force or chi. Subtle energy penetrates and surrounds the […]

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Vampires live among us

February 28, 2012

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by David Berger —  Apologies for this startling news flash: Vampires live among us. The ones to which I am referring are subtle in their horror, but nevertheless can exhaust our life force, just like the fictional ones do in “True Blood” and “Twilight.” In the physical form, vampires are not the horrible creatures you […]

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Creating joy

February 28, 2012

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by Dr. Mark Force —  Joy is an internal experience independent of external phenomena that is the outcome of living your life in such a manner that you express your innate nature. The following can help you find and experience more joy in your life. The process of joy Assess your nature — What excites […]

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Healing with voltage

February 27, 2012

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by Carol R. Keppler —  Life force (prana, chi) is an important part of health and healing but can be rather difficult to describe. One explanation is that it is the flow of universal energy through invisible axiatonal lines, which connect to the system of meridians. This is easier to understand for most because of […]

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What is Reiki and how can it benefit me?

February 25, 2012

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by Lori Keeley —  Reiki is an ancient healing art that originated in Japan and is based on the principle that our bodies are ultimately made of energy and light. The word Reiki stands for “a ray of ki.” Ki is also known as chi, prana, Holy Spirit or life force energy and is actually […]

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Reiki drumming

February 24, 2012

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by Josephine M. Joseph —  Reiki is a simple, natural and powerful hands-on healing modality that uses life force energy. Reiki acts as a portal into elevating awareness. It draws attention to the life force in all living things. A symbol-based technique, Reiki is passed from teacher to student through a ceremonial initiation. Universal energy […]

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The benefits of qigong

February 23, 2012

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by Jolin Brandes and Jiliane Provinn —  The Chinese word “qi” translates literally to life force. “Gong” means the practice of developing more qi or life-force energy. Qi is present in the body from birth. Later we acquire qi through the ingestion of food, from the air we breathe and through our constant interactions with […]

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Advancing Reiki consciousness

February 23, 2012

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by Josephine M. Joseph —  During this changing economy, Reiki is an asset in awakening one’s ability to reach beyond the physical aspects and stresses of daily life. When we deepen the connection within, we open ourselves up to living in the present and learn to understand the power of seeing life through new perspectives. […]

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