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February 23, 2012

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Entropy is the process of deterioration and decline, just as what happens in aging.

by Carol Rose Keppler —

Wikipedia describes entropy as a measure of disorder or unpredictability — a system spontaneously evolving away from its initial condition. Entropy is an interesting word and a scientific concept that seemed unrelated to health and wellness — until now.

Entropy is the process of deterioration and decline, just as what happens in aging. From the moment of birth until death, an unrelenting breakdown of the human body occurs. But in utero, this was not so. Was “positive” entropy the schematic of conception to birth — with the embryo developing perfectly, cloistered within the mother’s body in the made-to-order environment of alkaline amniotic fluids?

Positive entropy and its relationship to the health of the human body are not too much of a stretch. At birth, the majority of infants are healthy (a “+10” on an intuited scale of “-10” to “+10” or better), with the embryonic cells dividing and maturing in perfect order, awash in that sea of amniotic fluid, specially designed to continue the spiral upward and onward from the birth process into childhood and the teen years. During this time, a person will enjoy beautiful skin and a perfectly functioning system. Infants are known to learn easily, including language.

Somewhere along the line, however, positive entropy is halted and reversed. The human system goes into free fall, spiraling chaotically into a pattern of ill health on multiple levels — dying by the inch. And although Western medicine purports to control the inevitable, it has had little success.

The United States can boast about its hospital trauma care units, but sadly, the overall everyday health of “we the people” has plummeted since the early 1900s, when statistics began being reported. In a recent comparison of 13 countries, the U.S. ranks, on average, number 12 (second from the bottom), as reported by Dr. Rustum Roy, former professor of material science at Pennsylvania State University.

So the unanswered question is: What happened?

As an energy intuitive who has worked closely with thousands of people who were born healthy, I have noted that there was a point in each case where that edge was lost, and positive entropy went into a tailspin of system breakdown. Both allopathic and natural medicine have been unable to do more than slow down the ultimate deterioration of what once was a seemingly healthy system. Claude Swanson, Ph.D., (author of Life Force: The Scientific Basis; Breakthrough Physics of Energy Medicine; Healing Chi and Quantum Consciousness), has found evidence in his research on energy medicine that seems to refute that theory.

Slowing the body’s breakdown has been accomplished by many who have implemented real lifestyle changes — eating organic, vegetarian and raw foods and following juicing diets. Herbs and homeopathic remedies can usually replace drugs, and with more exercise and lots of determination, these people have worked wonders on their overall health. Throw in some massage therapy, colon cleansing and fasting here and there, and improvements are that much better.

Years of intuited research has led to the important dots being connected. Twenty-four years later, here is what we have learned: Most people at birth are “+10” average health (on an intuited scale of “-10” to “+10” or better). Most get through their early years to late teens holding on to their +10 health advantage, but at some point, something happens to the rebuilding response (positive entropy), which starts the free fall, turning a once healthy system into chaos (negative entropy), with too many issues afoot to know where to begin to turn the tide. That “something” fits into five categories:

  1. Body trauma — includes accidents, sports injuries, surgeries and dental work, etc.
  2. Emotional trauma from infancy onward — stems from often seemingly insignificant events
  3. Toxins and medications — become accumulated to a critical mass
  4. Chaotic electric/electromagnetic radiation — comes from the electropollution of modern society
  5. Past life/generational bleed-through — can affect the body

Other pieces of the puzzle include:

  • Lack of sufficient water for proper cell hydration — Without water, the body cannot repair itself.
  • Mal-illumination — A lack of sufficient sunshine through the eyes to the pituitary (while not wearing glasses or contact lenses), which sets the sleep-wake cycle and regulates hormone production.
  • Sun exposure — Skin without sunscreen allows the sun to supply natural vitamin D, which aids in proper calcium production for healthy bones.
  • Recognition of the highly sensitive physiology (HSP) —Hypersensitive people require more subtle frequencies than the average person for repair.
  • Divine (solid state) electronic system located at the base of the skull — This is responsible for the full function of every organ/system of the body and soul protection.

All these aspects, which are necessary for cellular self-repair, are part of the bioenergetic, or energy approach to wellness. (See the “learning center” at for more information.) The proverbial bottom line is the reversal of negative entropy to an upward spiral, from breakdown to rebuilding. Cells can once again be awash in an extreme level of alkalinity, produced by the fully functioning divine electronic system and unhampered by the negative influences of a toxic world. Bioenergetics is the flow of vibrational frequencies into and through the human body for energy and repair. Bioenergetics, the new energy medicine, has put it all together in one neat package, designed to reverse negative entropy within just a few short weeks. Positive entropy is then capable of driving a level of wellness beyond optimal to radical. Wellness in the modern age has just gotten a whole lot easier.

Carol Rose Keppler is a master energy intuitive who does energy scans of the body. She is CEO of AltWaters™ Technology and COO of Energy Medicine Foundation., or 602-996-9753.

Reprinted from AZNetNews, Volume 30, Number 6, Dec/Jan 2012.

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