Homeopathy and OCD

But for anxiety disorders, I have found that homeopathy is best.

by Dr. Ed Gogek — 

In my psychiatric practice I use homeopathy, nutrition and conventional medications — whatever works. But for anxiety disorders, I have found that homeopathy is best. This is the story of Mary. She was married, had two kids in grade school and was trying to finish college. But obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) made life impossible, and high doses of antidepressants plus Xanax barely helped.

Terrified of dying, she protected herself with compulsive rituals. “I do everything in threes. I count in threes. I have to look at three things before walking through the door. If I am writing and I mess up a word or have a bad thought, I have to retype the whole thing. Most of my day is spent in rituals. It makes me feel crazy.”

After a two-hour interview, I gave her Theridion 200C, a homeopathic spider remedy. A month later she was not as anxious and was using less Xanax; two months later the OCD was mostly gone. “I have been able to say no to the compulsions, and normally I have to do them. School is better. More focused. I still get the urge to re-type or re-read something, but I do not have to do it.”

Then she said, “I’ve tried everything over the years. I spent three months in residential treatment for OCD. But this has worked the best and in the shortest time.”

I loved hearing that.

Unfortunately, seven months later, all of her symptoms returned. We repeated the remedy, tried different potencies and even tried different spiders. Nothing worked.

It was just not the right remedy. Lots of people respond to wrong remedies, especially the first time. But it never lasts.

So we interviewed again and again, trying several other remedies with no success. Finally, a year after our first visit, Mary said this: “If you die, you do not know where or what you are. Do you float in the air? You are stuck in one place and cannot go anywhere. You are stuck out in space. Floating in space and cannot get out. Floating with no gravity. Or else suffocating tightness, like a heart attack. Tight, pinned down, drowned, smothered. Like being held under water. Either nothing is holding you here, or else you are drowned and suffocating.”

This relates to hydrogen, the lightest element. On its own, hydrogen floats out into space. But if it combines with other elements, it is held down here on earth.

So we decided to try homeopathic Hydrogen 200C.

Three weeks later, Mary was 90 percent better. She said, “I only think about the OCD a few times a day, but I do not have to do it.” She has repeated the remedy twice since then, and it is still working. Maybe this time her OCD will stay cured.


Ed Gogek, M.D., M.D.(H), is a board-certified psychiatrist who uses both alternative and conventional treatments in Prescott, Ariz. He graduated from the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy and has studied with several of the Mumbai homeopaths. 928-443-0032 or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 30, Number 2, April/May 2011.


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