How to keep an angel journal

The voice of an angel can come through a feeling, intuition or knowing, and can be channeled through writing.

by Josephine M. Joseph — 

I believe in angels and talk with them all the time. They always answer me. Sometimes the answers are verbal; often they come via my angel diary. I believe angels are very present on the planet, and with a little effort and intention we can connect with them. Some of us know we are guided by angels, and we pray and listen regularly. The voice of an angel can come through a feeling, intuition or knowing, and can be channeled through writing.

There is a hierarchy in the universe that governs all realms, and angels, the messengers from our Creator, come in many forms. They bring us comfort, guidance, protection and a deeper connection to the divine within us. They can be helpful in all areas of life. One archangel governs each day of the week and represents certain characteristics that, when we are open, will be imparted into our awareness.

Keeping an angel journal is an empowering experience. You can pour your heart out in your journal. Angels are exquisite listeners, and they never judge you. They allow you to feel all you need to feel with unconditional love. They are the greatest healers on the planet, for they express the highest form of love and compassion. They are faithful, loyal servants, supportive and trustworthy. When you ask an angel for an answer, it is always based upon benevolence and truth.

Angels can bring us healing. They want us to feel safe, loved and connected, and journals act as portals to transformation. Writing openly is a great way to channel our emotions and give voice to our experiences. When we write, we are breaking free of the self-imposed judgments and rules for living that cause stress.

Angels exist in all realms, including Earth. I have met many Earth angels who have shared their love and guidance and supported me along my journey. You can always detect an Earth angel by the light in their eyes. There are many ways to communicate with angels, as they love to write through and with us.

Angels want us to know we are not alone, to understand that separation is an illusion. In order to get answers, you must be open to receiving and trust the words that come to you. Create an intention for your angel journal and keep it in a sacred place.

Write your story and ask, “What say you, angels?” Pause a moment, waiting for the words to pour through you. You will know the angels are replying because the writing will be loving, supportive and gentle. You will experience a warm feeling inside your belly and feel comforted as you reconnect to the love of the universe.


Josephine M. Joseph is a Karuna and Reiki master teacher, educator and spiritual guide. or 623-434-3394.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 26, Number 6, December 2007/January 2008.

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