The power of joy

The Angels say that love and fear are both strong emotions, as they have the power to raise or lower our energy levels.

by Kandi and Faith — 

The Angels want to remind us that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. The very core of who we are is love. As humans, we experience duality, or two basic emotions. Every feeling we experience stems from either love or fear.

The feeling of joy stems from love. When we are not in our joy, our feelings stem from fear.

The Angels say that love and fear are both very strong emotions, as they have the power to raise or lower our energy levels. They also want to remind us that these powerful emotions not only affect us deeply, but we also pass them on to others.

Fear-based dialogue

Here’s a scenario between two friends: Cindy bumps into Jill at the supermarket and explains that she is going on her dream vacation. Imagine yourself in Cindy’s shoes, and how she feels during their brief encounter.

Jill: “Hi Cindy, good to see you. What’s up with the Hawaiian clothes?”

Cindy: “I’m going on my dream vacation to Hawaii today, and I thought I’d dress the part.”

Jill: “Well, you know, dressing like that will make you stand out like a tourist, and thieves look for people just like you.” The excitement quickly drains from Cindy’s face.

Cindy: “Oh yeah, I didn’t think about that.”

Jill: “And don’t forget, that’s a very long flight. You can get sick if somebody so much as sneezes, because you’re breathing in everyone else’s air.” Cindy’s shoulders slump as she begins to worry.

Cindy: “Oh, gosh, if I get a cold, I won’t be able to go swimming.”

Jill: “I wouldn’t go swimming there if I were you. There are shark attacks all the time, you know!” Worried and visibly shaken, Cindy quickly decides to leave.

Cindy: “OK, Jill, I’ll keep that all in mind. I have to go now, but it was nice to see you.”

Love-based dialogue

Let’s look at an alternative dialogue between these two friends.

Jill: “Hi, Cindy. You look cute in those Hawaiian clothes!”

Cindy: “Thank you, Jill. I’m leaving on my dream vacation to Hawaii today, and I thought I’d dress the part!”

Jill: “You’re going to love the flight — on long flights, they offer great movies so the time passes quickly.” Cindy grins from ear to ear, her face beaming with joy.

Cindy: “Yes, I’m so excited about the flight. When I get there, I plan to go to the beach right away!”

Jill: “I’ve heard the water is so clear and beautiful, lucky you! You are going to have such a great time. Be sure to take lots of pictures.”

In the first scenario, Jill is communicating from a place of fear. She projects her negativity onto Cindy by listing all the problems she may experience. This depletes Cindy’s joy, leaving her feeling emotionally drained and worried.

In the second scenario, Jill is communicating from a place of love. She shares Cindy’s joy of going on this dream vacation by communicating in an upbeat, positive way. It is clear that both have benefited from their joyful interaction.

Love is the very core of who we are. Coming from a place of love always benefits us, as well as all those with whom we interact.

The Angels say that when we find ourselves focused on fear-based thoughts or thoughts of worry, all we have to do is make a simple shift in our thinking to a more positive thought.

Even a small step toward a happy thought can bring us that much closer to our joy. Remember, the Angels say, “Don’t worry, be happy!”

Feelings emanating from love and joy

  • Being on top of the world
  • Getting excited easily
  • Finding ourselves smiling
  • Wanting to dance and sing
  • Getting amazing creative ideas
  • Feeling lucky and that everything is going our way
  • Thinking we might leap tall buildings in a single bound

Feelings from fear

  • Hopelessness and depression
  • Quick anger
  • Having our feelings hurt easily
  • Negative communication
  • Deliberately isolating ourselves
  • Viewing the world as a place with endless problems
  • Judgment of everything and everyone


Kandi and Faith are Angel Connectors™ who own Messages they receive from the angels are inscribed on affordable products with loving angel wings surrounding each message.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 26, Number 6, December 2007/January 2008.

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