Live your true colors

The colors in your aura reveal powerful information about you and the path you have chosen for your life.

by Pamala Oslie — 

Do you feel unfulfilled? Are you stuck in a job that is not quite right, or are you in a relationship that is not meeting your needs? Have you lost yourself trying to please others? Are you ready to live a life that is more satisfying and reflects the true you, but you are not sure what that is or how to get there?

This can be the year that you start really living. There is a great way to rediscover yourself and learn how to live your best life. The key to understanding who you are, your life purpose, most fulfilling career, most compatible relationship and more is revealed in your aura (what science refers to as the electromagnetic or energy field that surrounds all living things). The colors of your aura reveal powerful information about you and the path you have chosen for your life.

Your aura colors can reflect your specific personality traits and reveal the different strengths and methods you can use to accomplish your dreams. Once you recognize and acknowledge the true you, you can begin to live your authentic life.

Most people have two main aura colors, so the personality traits of both will apply. These can be complementary qualities, or can potentially cause inner conflict. Learning to honor, accept and live in balance with both will create a more fulfilling life. Here are some of the aura colors and their descriptions.

Yellows — Yellows can be shy and sensitive; others are outgoing, playful, energetic, funny, optimistic and free-spirited. Yellows rarely look, feel or act their age. Their life purpose is to enjoy life, spread joy or help others heal. Yellows exercise and eat healthily — although, if they are unfulfilled, they often become addicts. Their best careers are in fields that are either creative (artist, musician, dancer, designer, writer, comedian); healing (doctor, masseuse, veterinarian, etc); or physical (athlete, builder, landscaper, etc.). Yellows need playful, fun-loving partners who are their best friends and can accept their youthful behavior.

Tans — Tans are practical, logical and down to earth. They analyze and calculate the steps they take in life. People often appreciate the calm, levelheaded and sensible nature of tans. They are usually employees, pay their bills on time and make conservative, long-term investments. They value security. Tans tend to keep their feelings to themselves and dislike drama; so they prefer partners who are reliable, calm, rational and stable. Tans are often architects, engineers, bookkeepers, computer programmers and the like.

Greens — Greens are intelligent, quick and usually drawn to money and power. Often found in business, they are movers and shakers, and even workaholics. They are organized, efficient and list-makers. Greens are some of the wealthiest people on the planet. They need projects or businesses to work with; otherwise, they become bored and restless. They are highly competitive and thrive on taking risks. Most fulfilling jobs for them include CEO, stockbroker, banker, realtor, salesperson, organizer, fundraiser, manager, etc. Greens prefer partners who are self-reliant, intellectually stimulating and respectful of them, their money and their work.

Blues — Blues are emotional, nurturing and supportive. Their priorities are love, spirituality and helping others. People usually turn to blues for comfort and counsel. Blues are very loyal to their families and friends, and love to be in love. They live from their hearts and tend to cry easily. They are also very intuitive, even psychic. Blues are often teachers, counselors, nurses, volunteers and caretakers. They need mates who are loyal, caring, kind, emotionally available, faithful and trustworthy.

Violets — Violets are visionaries and are often accused of being unrealistic dreamers. They sense that they have a big purpose — to save the planet, improve the quality of life for people, or inspire or educate the masses. Violets prefer to work for themselves or become leaders. Violets are often famous. They like careers in the media, entertainment, art, music, psychology, teaching, politics, law or causes. They need freedom and travel and to be passionate about life and their work. Without this, they will feel something is missing. Violets need partners who are equals, who share their vision, are inspirational, passionate and can soar with them.

Hopefully, you have recognized yourself in some of these descriptions and feel validated. You have probably sensed these things within you for a long time, but have not given yourself permission to trust your gut feelings. Now that you know, it is the perfect time to live your true colors and your authentic life purpose. Take a simple quiz to discover what your aura colors say about you at In the left column, under “most popular,” click on Aura Color Quiz.

Pamala Oslie has her own radio show, has authored three books and has been a featured speaker for Fortune 500 companies. She has recently launched a new online dating site, based on aura color compatibility.


Reprinted from AZNetNews, Volume 30, Number 6, Dec/Jan 2012.

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