Anti-aging fish oil facials

Omega-3 fatty acids bolster the epidermal cells, helping them hold water.

by Julia Busch — 

Famed dermatologist, Dr. Nicholas Perricone and NYC plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Tornambe agree that besides offering amazing systemic benefits, omega-3 fatty acids rejuvenate the face when taken internally, as well as applied topically.

Referring to the skin’s outer layer, the epidermis, Tornambe explains, “As we age, the cells become thinner and less sticky. This decreases the barrier function of the epidermis, allowing moisture to be released from the skin, causing dryness.

“Also as epidermal cells start to decrease, the skin slowly loses its ability to repair itself efficiently. Simultaneously, the structural elements that support the skin start to thin. All of these changes promote wrinkling.”

Omega-3 fatty acids bolster the epidermal cells, helping them hold water. This creates moister, softer skin, prevents wrinkles and may erase mild wrinkles.

Perricone concurs. He claims that the “face-changing” foods listed in his Three-Day Diet for Better Skin, can visibly change the way you look in just 72 hours.

One such food is salmon, which is rich in omega-3 oil. Besides being high in protein, which promotes cell repair, Perricone believes that salmon provides powerful, natural anti-inflammatory benefits that nourish the brain, alleviate depression, help prevent infection and cancers, and feed the skin to bestow a radiant and beautiful appearance. He suggests that if you do not like salmon, take fish oil capsules instead.

“Since these fatty acids have so many benefits for the skin, it seemed only logical that topical application in the form of a face cream could have even greater benefits,” says Tornambe, pointing to non-fish-smelling plant alternatives. Combining internal and external benefits offers the best of both approaches.

Plant-derived omega-3 skin creams are already available in the marketplace. Another option is to pierce an omega-3 fish oil capsule and apply for a nourishing facial. For more information on omega-3 fish oils for the face, natural skin care and anti-aging information, visit

Julia Busch is president of Anti-Aging Press, Inc., editor of the So Young™ anti-aging holistic newsletter and author of 10 books. or 800-So-Young (800) 769-6864.


Reprinted from AZNetNews, Volume 30, Number 6, Dec/Jan 2012.

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