Living from feeling — What you feel, you can heal

When we allow ourselves to experience and accept all of our feelings — whether love, sadness, anger or even fear — we heal naturally.

When we allow ourselves to experience and accept all of our feelings — whether love, sadness, anger or even fear — we heal naturally.

by Oshana Himot — 

Many contemporary spiritual and psychological modalities tell us we can do much to heal the world and ourselves. When we allow ourselves to experience and accept all of our feelings — whether love, sadness, anger or even fear — we heal naturally.

Here are a few ways you can begin to accept all of your feelings.

Feel what you feel — Let yourself feel whatever comes up. The first step in healing is to allow ourselves to experience our feelings.

Love and accept all of your feelings — Love and accept your feelings as if they are little children. As with a child, your love enables them to grow and be healed.

 Be open and willing — Be willing to examine anything in your life that is creating upset or pain. Ask yourself “What belief or feeling is causing this?” Work with it until it is healed.

Take time out for healing — When you re-experience emotional traumas from the past, take time out to heal them. Once healed, you will have more energy available for the new and wonderful situations coming into your life.

Look for the gift in every situation — Look at every healing opportunity as a gift. You will find that there is always a jewel underneath the pain.

Use your heart for healing — Love can heal everything. Come to your heart with every situation, issue, relationship or fear in need of healing.

A simple exercise is to close your eyes and focus on your heart. Bring the situation, issue, relationship or fear into your heart center. Let love from your heart embrace and heal it.

Do this a few times until you feel a positive change in the situation. For deeper or longstanding issues or feelings, practice this exercise for 90 days. You may want to keep a journal to record the changes you experience in your life as a result.

Do not give up — It is easy to stop working on an emotional issue at the point when it becomes the most uncomfortable, but this is often right before a major healing takes place. Even when you feel you are not making any progress, keep working on it, unless you are inwardly guided to stop or you feel you need the assistance of a professional to guide you through it.

Develop your positive qualities — Developing positive qualities enhances your life in many ways. It does not matter whether you have ever developed these qualities before. You can begin to develop them now.

One way to do this is to make a list of the qualities you would like to enhance or strengthen. Choose one of them to work on for 90 days. Find at least one way to express this quality every day. Also, practice the Positive Quality Visualization Exercise (see below) each day, as well. Record your insights, experience and progress in a daily journal.

Look for positive qualities in others — As you experience more positive qualities within yourself, you will experience more of them in others, too. Be delighted and surprised as the people in your life begin expressing these qualities more and more often.

Tune in to your intuition — Our life is the most joyful when we trust the guidance that is always available from our heart. Listening to our inner guidance, our life becomes more exquisite every day.

A positive quality visualization exercise

  •  Find a quiet, comfortable place. Go deep within yourself. Repeat aloud or silently the name of the positive quality you are developing.
  • Take time to feel the meaning of this quality.
  • Feel how living this quality enriches your life.
  • See wonderful new situations and people coming into your life. Experience the joy and love you are receiving from and giving to them.
  • When you are ready, come back into the room and open your eyes.


Oshana Himot, MBA, CHT, is a counselor-healer who practices Awakenings, a form of energy healing which helps people live more from their heart and remember who they are. She is the author of Birthing a Golden Age and offers classes, teleclasses and private sessions., or 520-349-1348.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 25, Number 1, February/March 2006.

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