Positive self talk: If not you, then who?

If you mean it from the heart, telling yourself that you are great is not an act of egotism.

If you mean it from the heart, telling yourself that you are great is not an act of egotism.

by Sherry Anshara — 

Have you ever found that it is easy to give compliments and kudos to your family and friends, yet it’s difficult to receive them, especially from yourself? Why? Is it possible that somewhere in your subconscious you believe you are undeserving, not good enough? Does this belief prevent you from telling yourself that you are a great person or that you are successful in many areas of your life?

If you mean it from the heart, telling yourself that you are great is not an act of egotism. Rather, you are affirming that you are doing or have done a great job. This is a good thing. Self-acceptance and self-recognition simply mean acknowledging what is right about or coming from you. You definitely deserve to be your own best advocate.

When you know in your heart that you have accomplished a goal, manifested your intention, and/or realized a dream, you deserve — and have every right — to acknowledge that accomplishment. Self-accolades are self-rewarding.

Do not confuse self-recognition with bragging to others about what you have done. Ego has nothing to do with it. When you recognize yourself in such an upbeat and important way, your entire body responds in positive, healthy ways. Every cell celebrates with you. Your body receives an energy boost for healing, de-stressing and happiness when you proclaim to yourself that you are great, have completed a job well and are your own best self.

Make this positive, affirming self-talk an integral part of your life. You will raise your Spirit, elevate your vibration and frequency and, overall, be more joyful. And while you are at it … please remember to graciously accept compliments from your family, friends and co-workers. Why? Because they have the power to affirm you, and by receiving their compliments in the spirit in which they are intended, you will make the givers feel great, too.

Giving and receiving involves mutually beneficial reciprocity. It must work both ways for everyone to benefit. Practice giving yourself a compliment and receiving it well. Accept others’ compliments and provide them with the opportunity to give to you, so they can feel good, too. Additionally, giving compliments to others will make your heart sing.

Compliment yourself every day. See how much better you feel about yourself and the world. Celebrate the wonderfulness of you!


Sherry Anshara, founder of QuantumPathic Center of Consciousness and originator of The QuantumPathic Energy Medicine Methodology, has a practice in Scottsdale, Ariz. Author of The Age of Inheritance: The Activation of the 13th Chakras, Sherry hosts “On the Air with Sherry Anshara” on 480-609-0874, or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 24, Number 4, August/September 2005.

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