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Positive self talk: If not you, then who?

November 7, 2013

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by Sherry Anshara —  Have you ever found that it is easy to give compliments and kudos to your family and friends, yet it’s difficult to receive them, especially from yourself? Why? Is it possible that somewhere in your subconscious you believe you are undeserving, not good enough? Does this belief prevent you from telling […]

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Holistic health and hypnotherapy

October 31, 2013

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by Sara L. Payne —  A holistic approach to optimal health would not be complete if we did not recognize the role our habitual thought patterns and beliefs play in our lives. We are indeed creatures of habit, and often continue to unconsciously indulge in self-sabotaging thoughts, affirmations and behavior patterns which can lead to […]

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Music — Are you tuned in to what your music is doing to you?

September 30, 2013

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by Sheevaun Moran —  I was in a nice boutique the other day and noticed a song playing in the background that basically said, “My girlfriend is a jerk,” repeatedly. The next verse was something to the effect of, “I love my girlfriend and I am going to stay with her forever.” This was not […]

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Hypnosis and mind expansion

September 26, 2013

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by Irene Conlan —  In the 1991 movie, Defending Your Life, Meryl Streep and Albert Brooks die and meet in an afterlife that greatly resembles the present-day U.S. They are required to prove their worth by demonstrating in court how they showed courage while alive. Each has a defender and a prosecutor, and each appears […]

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Sticks and stones may break my bones …

April 24, 2013

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by Irene Conlan —  As children, most of us were familiar with the sing-song, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” At that time, we were unaware of just how untrue that little ditty was. We were unaware of the deep and long-lasting wounds we can receive from and […]

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BodyTalk: the medicine of the future

April 10, 2013

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by Michael Davis and Jeff Goodman —  If you could contact the innate, inborn wisdom of your body, what would you ask it? Would you listen? BodyTalk provides just such an opportunity. Utilizing a neuromuscular biofeedback technique, the BodyTalk practitioner literally talks to the body, accessing its health priorities directly through the mind/body complex. Since […]

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EMDR — a power therapy

December 26, 2012

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by Jef Gazley —  Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) was developed by Dr. Francine Shapiro in the middle 1980s. EMDR is one of the newer “power” therapies that has recently been acknowledged and accepted by the professional counseling community and the general public. They are known as power therapies because they work much more […]

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You will love Psych-k

August 23, 2012

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by Tanya Connor —  Psych-k is a simple way to re-write the software of your mind so that you get the results you really want from your life. Just as you would type a document on your computer and later save it to memory, Psych-k is a direct way to establish a new software in […]

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You have the power to change

February 23, 2012

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by Ada Porat —  As humans, we are both burdened and blessed by the great responsibility of free will — the power of choice. In large part, our future is determined by the choices we make now. In fact, we live and die by the choices we make. And never in the history of mankind […]

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