“Scentsational” summer mists

Hydrosols are a light, cool, refreshing and natural way to get comfortable.

by Carol E. Gutierrez — 

With these blistering hot summer days, keeping cool and refreshed is on everyone’s mind. Hydrosols are a light, cool, refreshing and natural way to get comfortable.

Plant hydrosols are the end product of the distillation process of essential oils from aromatic plants. Low concentrations of essential oils are dissolved in water. These hydrosols have similar therapeutic properties to the steam-distilled essential oils, and can be used in various treatment plans, just as one would with an essential oil. Since plant hydrosols are like the “homeopathy” of essential oils, they are safe to use topically on children, the elderly and medically frail individuals.

Imagine feeling hot and sticky in the scorching heat and then being able to mist yourself with a hydrosol of peppermint, lavender or a burst of citrus mist. Ahh … instant refreshment. This is a quick and convenient natural pick-me-up during the day. And if you refrigerate the hydrosol, you will prolong its shelf life and add to the pleasure with a chilled mist. It can also be used in or after a bath or after shaving.

Be aware that the hydrosol may not smell like the essential oil or the aromatic plant because the distillation process and low concentrations of the microparticles determine the scent strength. Hydrosols are relatively inexpensive, so it is not a big financial investment to give them a try. The shelf life of a hydrosol is about one year.

To purchase a hydrosol, it is best to find an online source as they generally are not available in stores. You can also contact a local aromatherapist for guidance or assistance. Quite a few books are available on the use of hydrosols, as well as online information.

So refresh yourself with a chilled hydrosol to beat the summer heat and stay cool.


Carol E. Gutierrez holds certifications in holistic nursing, massage therapy, clinical aromatherapy, healing touch and guided imagery. She specializes in reflexology and toe reading. 808-721-3605 or cegrn@yahoo.com.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 30, Number 4, Aug/Sept 2011.

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