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Hypnotherapy and irritable bowel syndrome

March 14, 2013

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by Irene Conlan —  Although irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is not a new disease, it is now being seen more and more often in doctors’ and therapists’ offices. IBS is not life-threatening, but it can be debilitating, embarrassing and a nuisance to those who suffer from it. General symptoms of IBS include diarrhea and/or constipation, […]

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Tips for biological youthing

March 10, 2013

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by Carol Keppler  —  Many people today are desperately trying to regain their youth through extreme means — liposuction, Botox treatments, cosmetic surgery and stomach stapling, to name a few. Unfortunately, surgeries and procedures that damage the “repair loop” traumatize the body, instantly putting a ceiling on the healing process. Hollywood stars who maintain a […]

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Blocks, detours and reversals

September 19, 2012

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by Linda Williams —  As you speed along in your day-to-day life, are you usually running down to the wire for whatever commitment you are trying to meet? If you hit construction traffic, roadblocks or detours, do you feel your stress level rising? You may think, “If only I had left earlier.” Perhaps you make […]

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Your DNA and your astrological chart

September 11, 2012

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by Gabriella von Elekes —  Peter and Shawn are brothers, yet they could not be more different. Peter who is 3 years old is interested in everything, knows the letters of the alphabet and can print his name. He has a very curious mind, never stops asking questions and remembers everything. He is also very […]

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Self-awareness and identity theft

February 29, 2012

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by Irene Conlan —  Many people these days are working for greater self-awareness, wanting to hone their individual strengths, weaknesses, beliefs and attitudes in an attempt to live life consciously and more fully. We are seeking to know who we are individually and how we fit into the whole. We are all seeking our true […]

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Using positive focus for great results

February 27, 2012

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by Ada Porat —  Is there a situation or circumstance in your life that you would like to turn around? By focusing the power of your thoughts, you can accomplish amazing outcomes. The vibrational power of words and thoughts powerfully affects your experience of life. Science shows that all mental states are accompanied by vibration […]

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