Your DNA and your astrological chart

Astrology, the “par excellence” science of timing, can illuminate the most challenging time periods as well as the ones that show progress in the right direction.

by Gabriella von Elekes — 

Peter and Shawn are brothers, yet they could not be more different. Peter who is 3 years old is interested in everything, knows the letters of the alphabet and can print his name. He has a very curious mind, never stops asking questions and remembers everything. He is also very particular — his pancakes have to be perfect, and his mother has to put a “happy face” on them every time she makes them. If they are not perfect he cries from the top of his lungs. His aesthetic sense is highly developed and he draws very well for his age. He is a people pleaser.

Shawn, who is 7 years old, differs from Peter in that he is a slow learner, spends lots of time in front of his books and his parents want to hire a tutor for him. He always complains that his mommy doesn’t love him. He is very clingy and needs lots of reassurance in everything he does. He feels that mommy loves everybody more than him. He has a “martyr” attitude; some people might call him a whiner. This attitude keeps him isolated from everybody else, but glued to his mother.

Andrea and Michelle are sisters with very different approaches to life. Six-year-old Andrea likes to save every penny of her allowance and asks her grandfather a myriad of questions on how to open a business just like his. She has a serious streak and wants to be a millionaire when she grows up. (There are no millionaires in the family, but she admires Donald Trump.) The preoccupation of becoming rich is annoying to the parents because they see it as compulsive behavior.

Michele is 12 years old, and she thinks the world “owes her” and that she should not have to work for anything in her life. She walks around as if she owns the world. It is very difficult to talk her into anything that she does not really want to do, especially helping around the house. She feels it is beneath her. She has an attitude, which ultimately is self-defeating.

The parents were considering taking the children in for an evaluation. Ultimately, they consulted an astrologer, who looked at their birth data to see and evaluate their deep-seated psychological needs from birth, the life lessons their souls will need to learn, as well as the purpose of their souls’ birth and the directions they need to take. Astrology, the “par excellence” science of timing, can illuminate the most challenging time periods as well as the ones that show progress in the right direction.

The astrologer evaluates the position of the South and North Nodes of the Moon, which are calculated points in the chart and are always in exact opposition. Everybody has them in their Natal Horoscope, but how they will manifest depends on their birth data.

Astrology is the interpretation of symbols, and the South Node of the Moon shows a person’s innate qualities. The young child operates on these premises. This is how one can explain the birth of a mathematical genius, musician or artistic prodigy. Whether we call it past-life remembrance or DNA programming, the end result is the same: the child is born with these innate qualities. The soul’s intent is to learn exactly the opposite.

Peter has the South Node of the Moon in the sign of Libra, which shows a highly developed aesthetic sense and also a need to always be with somebody (lack of independence). Attitudes he needs to leave behind are a clingy attachment to externally beautiful things, being too selfless and comparing himself with others.

His North Node of the Moon is in the sign of Aries, a very independent, self-starter sign. Attitudes he needs to develop are independence, courage to do things by himself and the ability to stand up for what he believes in. By nurturing these qualities from early childhood, parents can help their children tremendously to achieve a happier, more balanced life.

Shawn has his South Node of the Moon in the sign of Pisces, which is a very sensitive, emotional sign. Attitudes he needs to leave behind: oversensitivity, a tendency to be alone followed by feeling sorry for himself that nobody loves him, self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy. Attitudes he needs to work on and be encouraged to develop are gaining self-confidence, overcoming fear by taking calculated risks and paying attention to details. By following these guidelines from birth, his parents could help Shawn become more self-confident and less needy.

Andrea’s South Node is in the sign of Capricorn, the sign of the CEO, leader, industrialist and self-sufficient person who is in charge. Attitudes to leave behind: the need to control everything and everybody, disregarding the feeling nature of things in life, fear of intimacy, thinking that everything can be solved with the exertion of power, and feeling responsible for everything and everyone, but neglecting herself.

Andrea’s North Node is located in Cancer, the opposite sign. The attributes she will need to be guided toward are developing empathy, being in touch with nurturing feelings, developing a sense of humility and accepting weakness in others.

Michelle’s South Node is in the sign of Leo, the king of the animal kingdom.  The feeling with this placement is that she was a very highly regarded person in past lives and when she said “Jump,” the question was only “How high?” Attitudes to leave behind are attachment to the dramatic, wanting to be applauded all the time and failing to recognize that other people are just as important as she is.

Michelle’s North Node is in Aquarius. She will have to work hard at becoming aware of other people’s needs, to be humanitarian and not self-absorbed, and at being objective and realizing that other people’s ideas count as well.

Having children’s horoscopes analyzed by a competent astrologer is like having a baby who comes with a set of instructions. (The names used in this article have been changed to protect the privacy of clients.)


Gabriella von Elekes is a professional astrologer who does consultations, workshops and teaches. She is past president of the Arizona Society of Astrologers. 

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 26, Number 2, April/May 2007.

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