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One man’s food is another man’s poison

June 12, 2013

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by Dr. Paul Stallone —  For a quick and healthy dinner, you decide to bake some salmon, steam asparagus and toss a simple green salad. Nothing fancy, but this meal gets the job done with zero guilt; in fact, you feel rather good about serving it. Three days later you get a migraine. You probably […]

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Food sensitivities and leaky gut

June 4, 2013

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by Dr. Denise Grobe —  Leaky gut syndrome and food sensitivities may be the answer to many cause-unknown type illnesses. They may also explain many of the symptoms patients have that confound and confuse some conventional physicians. Our bodies’ responses to the foods we eat are an integral part of our overall health — they […]

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Fibromyalgia, fibrin and proteolytic enzymes

May 26, 2013

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by Betsy Timmerman —  It has long been known that people with chronic muscle pain or fibromyalgia have more fibrin in their tissues and blood. This fibrin, while initially helpful in the early stages of healing after an injury, can become problematic if the body does not clear itself of the agent after it has […]

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Living with celiac disease

September 2, 2012

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by Dr. Tricia Pingel — We are seeing an upswing in the availability of gluten-free products. Whether it is in the grocery store or at a restaurant, the options for maintaining a gluten-free diet have increased, compared to just a few years ago. Gluten is a common name for the proteins found in all forms […]

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Acupuncture: Cost-effective health care for today

August 26, 2012

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by Kim Blankenship —  At a time when health care expenses are taking a larger bite out of most household budgets, many people are looking for affordable alternatives to conventional care. A study released by the National Academy of Sciences in 2005 found that more than one third of American adults report using some form […]

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Medical ozone treatments: could you benefit?

August 19, 2012

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by Dr. Paul Stallone —  The human body can survive for a month without food, and days without water. But without oxygen, the body cannot survive beyond several minutes. Oxygen is the body’s most immediate need. Dr. Otto Warburg, a German biochemist, discovered in the 1920s that diseases and degeneration can be prevented through proper […]

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Chaotic electric can cause erratic emotions

August 3, 2012

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by Carol R. Keppler —  Editor’s Note: The term “chaotic electric” has been coined by the author to describe the disharmonious energetic state of the body when its energy flow becomes obstructed or damaged. She describes it as similar to a musical instrument that hits a sour note; likewise, the body out of harmony encounters […]

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Lyme disease and Rife machines

March 5, 2012

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by Brenda Haas-Krieger —  Lyme disease is a seriously complex multi-system, inflammatory disease caused by Borrelia burgdorferi, spirochete bacteria similar to that which causes syphilis. Both Lyme and syphilis are called the great imitators because their symptoms mimic so many other diseases. Chronic cases of Lyme, cases that persist many months and years after the […]

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Fibromyalgia syndrome

February 24, 2012

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by Dr. Murray Susser —  Suppose you have muscle pain that will not go away and doctors are not helping much. The best feedback you get is that it is labeled as fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS). But, what does that mean? Fibromyalgia syndrome may not be a disease. It is a symptom or set of symptoms […]

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