Chaotic electric can cause erratic emotions

The term “chaotic electric” has been coined by the author to describe the disharmonious energetic state of the body when its energy flow becomes obstructed or damaged.

by Carol R. Keppler — 

Editor’s Note: The term “chaotic electric” has been coined by the author to describe the disharmonious energetic state of the body when its energy flow becomes obstructed or damaged. She describes it as similar to a musical instrument that hits a sour note; likewise, the body out of harmony encounters a feeling that makes it wince in pain. —

An unseen killer is loose in our society, worse in America than perhaps any other place on the planet. We cannot see it, smell it or feel it as it silently invades our cells, accumulating to the point of becoming symptomatic. It may take years for symptoms to surface, and the cause remains an enigma with no treatment beyond alleviating the uncomfortable symptoms.

This malevolent invader is the accumulation of modern-day “chaotic” electric, which seriously interferes with the natural, very subtle “harmonic” electric of the human system to the extent that the body becomes hypersensitized and problematic in many areas. We deal daily with the effects of acid pH caused by chaotic electric overload. Electric, the root cause of many ills, can inflame the heart, irritate the mucus membranes via allergies, and accumulate in the bone marrow with resultant red blood cell malfunction and chronic fatigue.

You are definitely not well, but your doctor cannot tell you why. The worst part, though, is the frequent depression and anxiety that wear away at any quality of life you might have had, a little-discussed mental component that still is not well understood. The more serious the chaotic electric, the more trouble the sufferer has with focus and grounding, mood swings and anger management.

Out-of-character actions have manifested in a national epidemic of everything from road rage to school shootouts, teen suicides, pedophilia, pornography and a host of other aberrant behaviors. Western medicine’s answer has been to treat these conditions with medications, such as Paxil, Zoloft or Prozac, which only tend to mask a serious problem that has had no real solution.

The answer is simple: clean up the root cause (the electric) so the system can repair, and the problem resolves itself. Energy medicine is, to our knowledge, the only viable answer to date for chaotic electric overload, but most importantly, the results appear to be permanent, without need of medication.

Over the past year, energy intuitives have become keenly aware of the damage that electric can do to the “energy shield,” which is to the brain what the aura is to the body — protection for the mental, emotional and psychological areas of “being-ness.” It has been long accepted that without wellness at all these levels, the physical body can never claim optimal health.

Energy medicine has proved effective in neutralizing chaotic electric overload in as little as four weeks, allowing the cells to self-repair with the use of frequency-modulating products or devices.


Carol Keppler is the chief operating officer of Energy Medicine Foundation and a master energy intuitive., or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 27, Number 2, April/May 2008.

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