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Indigestion — causes and treatment without suppression

June 4, 2014

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Indigestion — causes and treatment without suppression by Dr. Theresa Ramsey —  Stress, pathogens and irritating substances all disrupt digestive function. When our digestion is interrupted, we can end up with diagnoses like heartburn, gastritis, ulcers, gastro-esophageal reflux disorder (GERD) and Barrett’s esophagus. We can also develop irritable bowel syndrome, gallstones and even cancer. Knowing […]

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Managing Minerals

July 10, 2013

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by Dr. Larry Wilson — Minerals, from calcium and magnesium, to the trace elements such as zinc, are perhaps the single most important group of nutrients. They are required for every bodily function, from activating muscles and nerves, to digestion, energy production, and all healing and regeneration of the body. This article focuses on important […]

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A cup of tea to your health!

May 23, 2013

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by Joanne Henning Tedesco — Tea has long been described in leading medical journals as an antidote to heart disease, cancer, obesity and arthritis. It also is known to boost immunity, battle viruses, aid in detoxification, lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and normalize blood sugar. All true teas — white, green, oolong and black — […]

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Rosemary — A great addition to your food

May 18, 2013

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by Joanne Henning Tedesco —  Rosemary grows on a small evergreen shrub belonging to the Labiatae family, and is related to mint. The tops of its leaves look like flat, deep green pine-tree needles, while they are silver-white on their underside. Rosemary’s memorable flavor and unique health benefits make it an indispensable herb for every […]

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The role of herbs throughout time

April 22, 2013

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by Joanne Henning Tedesco — Herbs have played a huge role in healing throughout the centuries, and one of the major contributors has been Egyptian medicine, which has provided some of the oldest documented remedies. From the 33rd century B.C. until the Persian invasion in 525 B.C., Egyptian medical practices were highly advanced for the […]

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Detoxification for health

April 2, 2013

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by Dr. Larry Wilson —  Detoxification is the removal of waste matter from the body. Most of the waste matter is comprised of toxic chemicals and toxic metals, although other kinds of toxins are also eliminated. Detoxification is a critical bodily function that occurs 24 hours a day. You would soon die if anything went […]

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Success, creativity and good health through Vastu

December 19, 2012

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by Michael and Robin Mastro —  Our homes, when carefully oriented, have the power to give us comfort and security and to be one of our best investments. We spend a great deal of time and money to accomplish this, but how do we really know if we are creating a positive and life-supporting place […]

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Choosing therapeutic foods for balance

November 18, 2012

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by Marianne Crafts-Brandner —  Many of us have begun to realize that diets for weight loss don’t work, and that the only way to lose weight and keep it off permanently is to change our eating habits. The key is a more balanced approach that eliminates “bad foods,” rather than entire food groups. Instead of […]

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The Ayurvedic Corner: sesame oil and tahini

October 13, 2012

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by Kevin Afuso —  As we settle into winter, the cooling, drying elements of the season begin to emerge. An excellent ingredient for keeping the body warm and balanced is sesame oil. Sesame oil is derived from sesame seeds and, ayurvedically, it has a sweet and bitter taste that is heating in its digestive action. […]

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How to find relief from hemorrhoids

October 1, 2012

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by Dr. Jennifer Burns —  More than 30 million people in this country are asking, “How do I get rid of my hemorrhoids?” Two different types of hemorrhoids, external and internal, are the source of great aggravation for many. Both come with varying signs, symptoms and degrees of severity. Hemorrhoids can result from several different […]

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Health updates

September 8, 2012

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The following is new information regarding gut bacteria in babies and the link to obesity, plus new studies on green tea aiding digestion. Gut bacteria predicts obesity The types of bacteria in a baby’s gut may determine their risk of becoming overweight or obese later in life, according to Finnish researchers. After analyzing fecal samples […]

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Living with celiac disease

September 2, 2012

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by Dr. Tricia Pingel — We are seeing an upswing in the availability of gluten-free products. Whether it is in the grocery store or at a restaurant, the options for maintaining a gluten-free diet have increased, compared to just a few years ago. Gluten is a common name for the proteins found in all forms […]

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Youthful skin forever

August 22, 2012

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by Julia Busch —  Maintaining luscious, youthful skin well into your 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond requires simple muscle and moisture management, nutritional awareness and a positive lifestyle. Muscle management includes working the muscles that attach to the inner layer of your skin and determine your facial contours. While gravity pulls downward, well-chosen exercises, certain […]

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