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Healing the hurts

November 29, 2015

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Healing the hurts by Nancy LaRonda Johnson —  You are taking a walk when someone comes your way. The expectation is to stay to the right, in the manner of traffic. The person, however, does not make enough room. She bumps into you and keeps going without apology or acknowledgment. Instantly, anger boils up and […]

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Confronting negative feelings

September 19, 2015

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Confronting negative feelings by Marc Allen —  When we acknowledge and even confront our negative feelings, we are plunging right into the heart of tantric practice. That is our meditation. And that is what I am inviting you to do — right now. Many people do not dare confront their negative feelings because they feel […]

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Be here now: how to be emotionally present to life’s challenges

September 16, 2015

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Be here now: how to be emotionally present to life’s challenges by Jennifer Kunst, Ph.D. —  There is a wish in all of us to be able to get around troubles in life rather than having to go through them. If only we could skip from the beginning to the end without having to go […]

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Emotions versus feelings

September 4, 2015

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Emotions versus feelings by Sherry Anshara —  A friend and I recently got into a conversation about emotions and feelings, and whether or not a difference exists between the two. I believe that most of the time feelings and emotions get confused, but they are as different as night and day. Emotions are connected to […]

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Nothing’s Wrong: A Man’s Guide to Managing His Feelings

February 2, 2015

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Nothing’s Wrong: A Man’s Guide to Managing His Feelings by David Kundtz —  This is a book for men who are ready to meet and shake hands with their other half — their feeling half — in order to become whole, entire people with healthy emotional lives. Kuntz shows them how to identify and express […]

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Three steps to heart-based living

January 4, 2014

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by Ronna Prince  —  Dive in, tune in and lighten up. It seems that today we are inundated with messages about living in the heart. It is the latest catch phrase, but really, what does it mean? It means living in balance with emotions and thoughts. It means allowing one’s heart to lead the way […]

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Homeopaths connect with nature

September 10, 2013

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by Dannette Hunnel —  Homeopaths do not claim to know what you need; rather, they allow you to tell them. As phraseology is so often descriptive of emotions, the homeopath listens to phrases and keywords in the patient’s everyday vocabulary. Think of the phrase “I felt like I would explode,” or “I feel empty inside.” […]

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Are your relationships a foggy reflection?

September 2, 2013

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by Sherry Anshara —  Relationships come in all forms, sizes, shapes and time frames. Relationships can be defined as personal — family, extended family, adopted family and significant others, romantic or not. Relationships can also be described as professional- or business-related — career, position, title and degree. Every relationship can be defined in some way, […]

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“Prickly” emotional states need Holly

June 17, 2013

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by Linda Crider —  When Dr. Edward Bach was in the process of creating his 38 flower remedy healing system, he relied heavily on his keen intuition and insight into human nature. He also believed that the appearance of a plant often presents clues as to how it might benefit people. This is certainly the […]

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Nightmares have a bad rap!

May 6, 2013

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by Thomas W. Sonandres —  Nobody likes waking in the middle of the night, in a cold sweat, struggling to shake off the dread and terror that nightmares can evoke. The emotional toll from nightmares make these dreams something most people wish to avoid. If we are lucky, the shock and foreboding remain for only […]

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Hypnotherapy and irritable bowel syndrome

March 14, 2013

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by Irene Conlan —  Although irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is not a new disease, it is now being seen more and more often in doctors’ and therapists’ offices. IBS is not life-threatening, but it can be debilitating, embarrassing and a nuisance to those who suffer from it. General symptoms of IBS include diarrhea and/or constipation, […]

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Do I love my pain?

March 13, 2013

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by Dr. Tom Stempel —  Pain is a message from your body telling you something is wrong or out of balance. It often originates in your emotions or spirit. We each have a place where we hold stress or tension; frequently, it’s in the shoulders or back muscles, which can result in a headache, stiff […]

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Your toes can tell your whole life story

February 25, 2013

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by Nancy Beauchamp —  People turn to tea leaves, crystal balls and palms to tell their future, but did you know your toes can tell your whole life story? The fascinating art of toe reading can be seen as an extension of reflexology or as a technique unto itself. Are you prone to corns or […]

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