Your toes can tell your whole life story

The fascinating art of toe reading can be seen as an extension of reflexology or as a technique unto itself.

by Nancy Beauchamp — 

People turn to tea leaves, crystal balls and palms to tell their future, but did you know your toes can tell your whole life story? The fascinating art of toe reading can be seen as an extension of reflexology or as a technique unto itself.

Are you prone to corns or calluses? Do you get blisters? You probably tell yourself that it’s due to ill-fitting shoes, but actually there’s more to it than that. You are irritated by someone; someone is causing friction in your life or you are protecting yourself from something.

Bunions are a sign that you are holding a lot of unexpressed anger and frustration from being “dumped on” by family and friends. Even though a person may not express his or her anger, it is very visible on the foot. Color, flexibility and position all indicate something about you and your life.

The position of these signs is significant. Each toe represents an emotion. The right foot represents how you present your self to the world. On the right, or masculine side, the emotions represented are joy, desire, decisiveness, attachment and fear, from the great or big toe to the little one.

The left foot indicates your relationship with yourself. Besides representing emotions, the toes of the left foot also represent the five elements. Ether, air, fire, water and earth are indicated in order, from the great toe to the little toe. Feelings represented by the left, or feminine side, are sorrow, emotions, creativity, love and trust.

Just like reflexology, the chakra system also is incorporated into the toes. The ether toe is the throat chakra, so if you get a lump in your throat from swallowing your truth, your big toe is going to reflect this. The air toe represents the heart chakra. The fire toe represents the solar plexus. The water toe is the sacral chakra. And the earth toe is the base chakra.

Like many modalities, toe reading reminds us of things we may already know or things we may have forgotten. Sharing the experience with a trained toe reader helps us release old programs that no longer serve us. When old programs are released, we have room for new ideas and new ways of doing things in our lives.

Who knew that our toes do so much more than help us move from one place to another?


Nancy Beauchamp has a Bachelor of Science in nursing and has spent almost 26 years as a hospice home-care nurse. She has reflexology and integrative imaging certificates, and is currently working at the QuantumPathic Center of Consciousness as a medical researcher, and offers private sessions. or 480-262-7126.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 25, Number 2, April/May 2006.

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