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Are your relationships a foggy reflection?

September 2, 2013

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by Sherry Anshara —  Relationships come in all forms, sizes, shapes and time frames. Relationships can be defined as personal — family, extended family, adopted family and significant others, romantic or not. Relationships can also be described as professional- or business-related — career, position, title and degree. Every relationship can be defined in some way, […]

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Soul mate — friend or frenemy?

June 15, 2013

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by Sherry Anshara —  Much mystique surrounds the idea of a soul mate, especially the delusional notion that a soul mate is the romantic lead in the screenplay of your life. Not that a soul mate cannot be romantic, but more times than not, soul mates come into your life in all kinds of guises. […]

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Healing depression with simple love

March 1, 2012

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by Arlene Dehalsingh —  “Love one another and help others to rise to the higher levels, simply by pouring out love. Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy.” — Sai Baba I love the above quote because I believe love can heal all. I have a very moving experience to share. I knew a […]

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A new friend

February 24, 2012

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by Sue Meyn —  We hear so much about the value of journaling today, including research that shows it improves immune system functioning and reduces blood pressure. Journal writing seems like such a simple endeavor, but many find it hard to begin or to sustain. You could compare getting started keeping a journal to starting […]

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