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10 steps to manifest the perfect life

February 25, 2014

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  by John Koeberer —  You can manifest the perfect life. By using consciousness accelerators such as love, compassion, kindness, forgiveness and service, you can obtain a higher level of human consciousness. This higher level of consciousness raises your personal vibrational rate and creates harmony between you and the infinite power of the universe. It […]

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Long-awaited times are here

January 5, 2014

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by Hilary Bee —  Have you ever had the feeling that you have a big contribution to make to the world, that there is something very important for you to do? You know you are here for a reason, and that your time will come. You may even be feeling this strongly right now — […]

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The power of a vision

May 16, 2013

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by Dr. John Demartini —  Never underestimate the power of an inspired, soul-directed vision; it is the most powerful resource you have access to. If you practice and refine your ability to tune into your vision, impossible things can happen. The rewards far outweigh the time and energy spent. While there are many people who […]

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